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Bug Tracking

As we are always interested in improving our software it is very important for us to get feedback on errors in the software, strange behavior or missing features. To collect all these issues and to have a common way to solve and track them, we use an online bugtracking system installed on our server.

What are the benefits of using this system?

The reporter of a bug has now detailed information on the status of his bug or feature request. It is easy to see with this system who works on the bug, in which version it will be included. It will give the possibility to “trace” bug reporting and fixing.

This documentation helps us to improve the quality of our software in the future!

How to use the bug tracker?

The bug tracker is accessible from GECAMed via the Help→Report Bug command in the software or via the following link:

Bug Reporting

The bug tracker is easy to use. Every reported problem is stored as a “Ticket”. You can directly create a new Ticket without the need to have an account. During the creation of a new Ticket there are some important items to be kept in mind:

  • Use a significant “short summary”.
  • Rating the “Type” of the new ticket; Is it a bug? or Is it an enhancement? or Is it a new feature?
    • a bug is a wrong working part or behavior.
    • a enhancement is something that works correctly but needs some extension.
    • a feature is a missing functionality.
  • the “full description” should be precise, you can add here error messages from the software.
  • Please assign the Ticket to a “Component”; this is very important because it decreases our work to see were the problem aims to.

To track the Ticket, use “View Ticket” in this section you can filter the existing Tickets in different ways.

In the topic “Timeline” you get a by date sorted list of all activities in the bug tracker, e.g. you can see when a bug was fixed.

If you have questions or remarks on the usage of the bug tracker feel free to write us a email.

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