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 +====== How to delete all existing rates ======
 +If you want to use GECAMed, but you are not a Luxembourgish physician, you might want to delete all Luxembourgish rates out of the nomenclature. By now this cannot be done in GECAMed, except you are going to delete every single rate manually by clicking the "​Remove Rate" button. Therefore you can use this database script to delete all rates: {{:​faq:​billing:​|delete_all_rates.sql}}
 +While executing this script, please close all GECAMed clients, as this might cause trouble.
 +<note info>
 +Please note that the current GECAMed version is not meant to be used with other rates than the Luxembourgish. Therefore you are not able to import several rates at once or add new categories into the nomenclature. \\
 +Additionally the rule system and the suffixes will not work. 
 +<note warning>
 +This script will delete all of your rates and key values. This action cannot be restored easily. Therefore it might be a good idea, to backup your database first: [[:​faq:​technical:​making_postgres_backups|]]
 +If you need to know, how to get access to the GECAMed database see our FAQs under the point [[:​faq:​technical:​how_to_get_access_to_the_db|]] or our user manual under the point [[de:​userguide:​settings:​generalsettings:​datarestore|]].
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