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How update the CNS rates via SQL script

From time to time the CNS updates its catalog of billing rates as well as the related key-value.
Most of the time the new rates are only available very short termed before they have to be applied. Because of that it is often not possible to directly provide a new GECAMed Version with the new rates integrated.

In that case the rates need to be adjusted either manually in GECAMed as described in the manual, or via an sql update script provided by us.

you can find the latest provided cns updates with the latest changes for 01/2017 at:
These updates will also be integrated into the next GECAMed Release 2.07.xx.
There will be no conflict between this “exceptional” update and later regular GECAMed updates.

Download the zip file and unzip it to find the update sql script. While executing this script, please close all GECAMed clients, as this might cause trouble.

If you need to know, how to get access to the GECAMed database see our FAQs under the point How to get access to the GECAMed database or our user manual under the point Datenbank Wiederherstellung.

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