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Activate the Form-Editor Module

As of versions 1.2.X the GECAMed FormEditor is already included, but not yet officially released. It is therefore switched off and you cannot activate it like any other module in “Global Setting” ⇒ “Module”. But if you like to use it for testing, you can activate it anyway, as explaned below.

  1. Install or upgrade to GECAMed version 1.2.X.
  2. Start PGAdmin III (delivered with the PostgreSQL installation). See here How to get access to the GECAMed DB with pgAdmin.
  3. Go into the GECAMed database (by default called “gecamed”)
  4. Open the table “setting” in the schema “usermanagement” (view data)
  5. Double click on the data of the column “xml_config” of the row where the “user_id” = -1 (you might need to enlarge the window, as there will be no scroll bar)
  6. Scroll to the top (using mouse wheel) and search for the entry “EnabledModules” (8th line from the top)
  7. Beneath this tag there are the entries for the modules which are loaded on startup. They are separated with a space. Add the following here: “lu.tudor.santec.gecamed.formeditor.gui.FormEditorModule” and make sure the entry is separated with spaces from an eventually previews or following entry.
  8. Now scroll down and search the entry “EnabledPatientModules” (quite a few lines from the top).
  9. Beneath this entry are listed the patient views to load at startup. They are also separated with spaces. Add the following here: “FormViewTab”. Again make sure it is separated with spaces.
  10. Press enter to end the editing.
  11. Start GECAMed with a user that may change user roles / permissions (admin user)
  12. Go to the admin module and open the tab “Usermanagement”.
  13. Give every user, who is suppose to be able to edit form templates the role “Form-Editor admin”. These users will see the module “Form editor”.

If you want to use the FormEditor, you can read the user guide in the user manual: FormEditor Benutzerhandbuch

Please note, that the FormEditor is not released and therefore might not always work correctly.
In addition the user guide might not be up to date, as we are still doing changes at the FormEditor module.
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