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Client works only on the Server

On some installations users might encounter the problem that the GECAMed Client is only working on the same machine the GECAMed server is installed on. When trying to start the client on an other machine, it will refuse to start or the login will not work.

FIRST OF ALL: Make sure that you are able to reach the GECAMed website located on your GECAMed server by opening a browser and connecting to


Where 192.168.x.x is the IP address of your GECAMed server.

If this site is not showing up, either,

  • the GECAMed server is not working → Check if GECAMed works on the server itself
  • the Firewall is blocking the access from another computer → configure your firewall
  • You are trying with the wrong IP address → make sure you have the right IP address for your server.

If the Website is showing up, but the client refuses to start or login, please follow the instructions below.

The problem is caused by a wrong or not working DNS configuration of the GECAMed server. Meaning, the server retrieves its own hostname configures in the operating system. It then does a DNS lookup for that hostname. The retrieved IP is then used to bind the JBoss Remoting Interface (RMI).

If the hostname is resolved to to a local address like 127.0.x.x the RMI Interface will not be reachable from outside the server itself. The hostname needs to be resolved to the real, route-able IPv4 address of the machine (often like 192.168.x.x)


Please try the following steps to diagnose the problem and get the needed information:

  1. Open a command shell ON YOUR GECAMED SERVER (CMD.exe on windows, Terminal on OSX)
  2. Type hostname and press Enter, That will show you the hostname of your GECAMed Server.
  3. Type ping followed by the hostname, That will show you the IP address your hostname is resolved to.
  4. If that address is different from the real ip address of your server, you need to fix your DNS lookup.

General Solution for all Operating Systems:

Make the server's IP address static and declare it in its own hosts file instead of

Remove or out-comment the following line if it exits gecamed-server-name

Add the following line

 192.168.x.x gecamed-server-name

Where 192.168.x.x is the real IP address of your GECAMed server and gecamed-server-name is the hostname of your machine. Do not remove the “ localhost” line.

You can find the hosts file at:

  • Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  • Linux/OSX: /etc/hosts

The hosts file needs to be edited with Admin/root rights, otherwise you can't save the changes.

Under Windows you may not see the \etc directory in the file explorer, because it usually is a hidden system folder. Either enter the complete path in the file explorer search line (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc), or change the folder options to “Show hidden files, folders and drives”.

If even that is not working, you can try to manually bind JBoss to a specific IP address malually.

This is done by adding the following line to the run.conf file in GECAMed/jboss/bin on LINUX and MAC OSX installations.

JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Djboss.bind.address=192.168.x.x"

For Windows Installations please add the following line to the run.bat file in GECAMed/jboss/bin

set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Djboss.bind.address=192.168.x.x

right below the line saying set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Dname=gecamedserver

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