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Customizing Client Color and Name

Since GECAMED 2.06.00 there is a hidden feature available to customize the NAME and COLOR of your installation. This might be very Useful to distinguish the Clients if multiple installations are used on the same machine.

  • The NAME is shown at the end of the window title in the GECAMED client. Client can be any String.
  • The COLOR is used as Background of the Module Button Bar on the left side of the Client. Color has to be a String cantaining the RGB values from 0-255 (e.g. 255,200,200 for light red)

These values can be set by adding entries into db table:

insert into (key, value, date) values ('NAME','DEMO-SERVER', 'now');
insert into (key, value, date) values ('COLOR','255,200,200', 'now');
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