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I can not log in

Make sure, that your local firewall is not blocking the gecamed process.

Firewall and Open Ports

The following ports need to be open in your firewall in order to start and run GECAMed from the JBoss server:

  • 1098 jboss:service=Naming
  • 1099 jboss:service=Naming
  • 3873 jboss.remoting:type=Connector,name=DefaultEjb3Connector,handler=ejb3
  • 4444 jboss:service=invoker,type=jrmp
  • 8080 jboss.web:service=WebServer?
  • 8093,type=UIL2

Please check your Windows Firewall and either allow the java.exe to communicate through the firewall or open all Ports listed above for incoming traffic.

If a client computer is unable to start the GECAMed programme over the Web start page (http://<remote host address>:8080/gecamed/), the problem is most likely that the client computer cannot connect to the server on the required http port.

To check if your client computer has all accesses to the GECAMed server check the following:

Basic check: On the server, check that the JBoss Web server is running.

Type http://localhost:8080/ in your Webbrowser. The Webpage from the JBoss should appear:

Now try the same on the client, replacing localhost by the IP address of the server:

http://<server IP address>:8080/

If the Jboss is not responding, try to ping the server: ping <server IP address>

If the ping responds, check if all of the above listed ports can be reached. The easiest way to do so is by using the telnet command:

telnet <server IP address> <port number>

Remark: Under Windows 7 you may have to activate the telnet client first (see

The port is open (test positive), if the telnet command displays an empty screen and does nothing. The connection is automatically closed after a minute or so:

If the port is not open (test negative), telnet returns quickly with an error message:

If one of those steps fails, you most likely have a problem with your router / firewall configuration.

There are certainly easier ways to check the current usage of the TCP ports on your computer. On Windows e.g. there is a nice little software from Microsoft called “TcpView” that displays and updates all TCP ports used on your computer.

Download link:

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