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GECAMed Logging Information

Sometimes it may happen that you experience some problems within GECAMed.

The GECAMed Software provides different ways of collecting information about your GECAMed installation which will help us in analysing and fixing your problems.

About Dialog

One way to view and collect information about your installation it the about dialogue. You can open the about dialog in GECAMed via Menu Bar→Help→About

The dialog shows different information about the software itself, the authors and contributors, the used libraries as well tons of information about your system, the Java version, GECAMed server and database. We need this information to help you fix your problem.

The easiest way to sent us this information is to use the “Save Info” button in the about dialog. This will create a zip file containing a PDF with relevant system information as well as the client and server side logfiles of GECAMed.

Please generate that file and E-Mail it to us together with a detailed description of the error or odd behaviour you are experiencing.

Java Console

In some Cases there might be issues or exceptions that are not logged to the client logfile - as nobody expected them in that context. In this cases you might find them in the Java Console. The Java Console needs to be activated once, then it will start-up when the GECAMed Client is launched.

See here how to activate the Java Console:


Additional to this more technical log and information, GECAMed traces all relevant patient and system operations together with the date, user, computer and duration information. Different filtering options will help you to find the information you need.

You can find the GECAMed Log in the GECAMeds Admin Module→Log:

These information is very useful for us if you experience performance issues within GECAMed.

Please use the Export to CVS button to export that information to a file and E-Mail it to us together with a detailed description of the error or odd behaviour you are experiencing.

ATTENTION: As the logfiles may contain private information, do not upload them to our bug tracking system, as this system is publicly available
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