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How to restore missing GECAMed launch icon

It sometimes happens that the GECAMed startup icon disappears from a user's desktop. There can be several reasons, such as a Java update, or by inadvertedly moving or deleting the icon. Here is a simple procedure how to restore it, using the Java Control Panel.

  • Open the Java Control Panel (shown here for Windows; see Mac OSX and Linux)
  • On the Java Control Panel, General tab, click the View button.
  • A list with Java applications cached on your Computer is shown.
  • Find the entry that corresponds to the GECAMed application and select it.
If the GECAMed entry is missing, you have to launch it with the Web Browser kaunch method first.

It is also possible that there is more than one GECAMed application installed in your Java cache. In this case it is best to delete them all, and reinstall the correct one with the Web Browser kaunch method.

  • In the toolbar, click on the button with the upward pointing arrow.
  • This will restore the GECAMed lauch icon on your desktop.

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