Where Can I Find The Installation Log-File

All the logs you see during the installation or update in the installer window are also written into a file. These files can be found in the GECAMed folder.

Installation Log-File

The installation log-file has the form “Install_V«GECAMed version»_«YearMonthDayHourMinuteSeconds»_«a unique number».log” (e.g. “Install_V1.2.07_20130213100050_1234567890123456789.log”) and lies directly in the GECAMed install folder.

Updater Log-File

There are two update log-files. The first one has the same form, as the install log file. The second is for the SQL log only. It has the form “sql_update_«Year»_«Month»_«Day»_«Hour»_«Minute».log”.
Both files lie in the folder “«GECAMed install folder»/updater/«GECAMed version»/”

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