How to restart the JBoss manually on Max OSX

Sometimes it is necessary to restart the JBoss, e.g. if the server log file shows a lot of unexplained error messages, and especially if they are related to memory shortage. Here is how to perform this operation:

  • Make sure that no user is working with GECAMed anymore and all clients are closed.
  • On the server machine, open a Terminal shell.
  • cd to the following directory «GECAMed Install Dir»/jboss-4.0.5.GA/bin/
    By default, the «GECAMed Install Dir» is /Applications/GECAMed
  • Type the following shell command:
    % sudo ./jboss_ctl.sh stop
    This stops the JBoss server.
  • To restart JBoss, type
    % sudo ./jboss_ctl.sh start

The first time sudo will prompt for a password.

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