Installing iReport 3.7.3 preconfigured for GECAMed

iReport is a free Open Source software used to create and modify Jasper report files, such as the ones used as print templates in GECAMed.

As the version required by GECAMed, iReport 3.7.3, is old and no longer supported, it won't work with newer Java versions. But there is a fix to get running iReport anyway: it can be configured to use a specific version of Java. (config file iReport-3.7.3\etc\ireport.conf).

The easiest way to get iReport 3.7.3 running without installing an old unsupported versions of Java is to use a iReport installation that is preconfigured to run with the Java 5 that is already used by the GECAMed server.

  • Advantage: No need to install an old Java Version on your machine
  • Inconvenience: this iReport can only be run on the GECAMed server machine

Such a preconfigured iReport version can be downloaded directly from here.

Installation instructions for Windows

  1. Download ireport-3.7.3.zip from the above link
  2. Unzip the archive directly into your GECAMed installation directory, e.g. C:\gecamed\iReport-3.7.3
  3. The iReport config file C:\gecamed\iReport-3.7.3\etc\ireport.conf is preconfigured to run with the GECAMed server JDK, located in C:\gecamed\java\jdk1.5.0_15. If your GECAMed installation directory is different from C:\gecamed you will have to modify the variable jdkhome in ireport.conf to match your installation.
  4. Double-click on C:\gecamed\ireport-3.7.3\bin\ireport.exe to start iReport. You can also create a shortcut to run it from anywhere.

The installation on other platforms will be similar, except for the paths.

If you need iReport 3.7.3 on another machine than the GECAMed server you will also have to copy the gecamed\java\jdk1.5.0_15 from the server (best place to copy it is directly into the iReport-3.7.3 folder, i.e. iReport-3.7.3\jdk1.5.0_15\) and set the jdkhome path in ireport.conf accordingly.

Refer to JasperReport Printing Templates for instructions on modifying GECAMed print templates.

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