Problem with creating or saving a patient

If you have problems with create a new patient and / or saving an existing one, please check the following:

  • Open the “administrative Data” view and scroll down to the bottom. During the scrolling, check, if any panel exists twice. In that case, open “Admin” → “Global Settings” → “panels” and deactivate one of the duplicate activated panels.
    • Why are double opened views a problem?
      - You might not be able to save a new created patient, because you have entered only one of the required fields is filled and not the one in the second
      - Data entered into one of the views might be overwritten by the old data in the other view.
    • Why could this happen?
      - If you have an older system making an update, the old settings for the views are still stored in your database, while the new version doesn't have these settings any more. As the new update sets the new views active by default, you might get some views twice.
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