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How to get access to the GECAMed database

We strongly advice you, to not access the database or execute any scripts if you are not familiar with databases. Please contact your support company or system administrator instead.

The GECAMed database is a PostgreSQL database. Its configuration is described in the file “GECAMed-ds.xml”. You can find this file in the folder “<GECAMed-folder>/jboss-4.0.5.GA/server/default/deploy/”.

Do NOT change this file, as GECAMed may not run properly anymore, unless you REALLY know what you are doing. Use the file only to look up the database configuration.

You can use any database client to get access to the GECAMed database. We suggest the Software pgAdmin.

How to use pgAdmin

You can download the latest version of pgAdmin here. At first, you need to download, install and start pgAdmin. Then add a new Server by clicking “File” and then “Add Server…”.

Enter the data of the GECAMed-ds.xml file into the opening dialog as followed, to establish the database connection:

  • Name: You can freely choose a name for this server, for example “gecamed_db”
  • Host: You need to enter the host name of the PC, where the database is installed. You can get it from the tag “connection-url”. The host name stands after “jdbc:postgresql://” and before the “:”.
    If the host name is called “localhost” or “” and you are not accessing from the PC that contains the GECAMed-ds.xml file, you need to use the IP of the PC that contains the GECAMed-ds.xml file instead.
  • Port: The port stands after the host name and the “:” in the tag “connection-url” and consists only of numbers. The default port is “5432”.
  • SSL: Leave the column SSL empty.
  • Maintenance DB: Choose postgres.
  • Username: Use the user name, set in the tag “user-name”. As default the user name is “gecamed”.
  • Password: Use the password, set in the tag “password” of the GECAMed-ds.xml.
  • Leave the rest as it is and press OK.
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