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JBoss Server does not start

If the JBoss Application Server doesn't start properly, there may be several reasons. Please first see the server log files for problems.

Problem starting Hypersonic database

If there is an error message like the following, the Hypersonic database, used internally by the JBoss, is corrupted.

... Problem starting service jboss:service=Hypersonic ...

In that case the Hypersonic database needs to be recreated during the next startup. You can do this by simply deleting the folder “«JBoss folder»/server/default/data”.
When starting for the next time, the JBoss will recreate this folder by itself.

Ports not available

If the log file tells you, something like the following, the needed ports may be blocked by any other software running on the machine.

... port already in use ...

Try to identify the software that uses the port (e.g. on Windows with the command “netstat -ano”) and close it. Then try to start the JBoss again.

JBoss is already running

The JBoss server can only be started once, because otherwise the needed address and ports are blocked by the JBoss already running. This does also occur, if the running JBoss wasn't started properly.

GECAMed database isn't available

If the JBoss has problems while deploying GECAMed, the GECAMed database may not be available.

Check, if the …

  • PostgreSQL service is running properly
  • JBoss is configured to the correct database (see “«JBoss folder»/server/default/deploy/GECAMed-ds.xml”)
  • Postgres username and password for the database are correct (see “«JBoss folder»/server/default/deploy/GECAMed-ds.xml” and “«JBoss folder»/server/default/conf/”)
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