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 +====== Backup & Restore GECAMed Database ======
 +One way to backup GECAMed databases is to use the pg_dump utility. Until today, we were using the -Ft option to dump into one single tar file which we subsequently compressed with the gzip utility. The current versions of gzip (prior to 1.3) have a filesize limit for the input file of 4 GBytes. Compressing larger files will corrupt the compressed file, making your backup useless. To resolve this issue, I would suggest to use pg_dump'​s custom file format to dump databases for backup. To do so, replace -Ft option with -Fc option.
 +There are more detailed sections in the User manual about backup and restore using GECAMed configuration and pgAdmin III: \\
 + - [[de:​userguide:​settings:​GeneralSettings:​DataBackup]]\\
 + - [[de:​userguide:​settings:​generalsettings:​datarestore]]
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