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 +====== Restore Admin Password ======
 +If you have lost the admin password, and no other registered GECAMed user has admin rights or is available to log you in, there is a way to restore the original password for admin ('​admin'​) manually. ​
 +First you need access to GECAMed'​s PostgreSQL databank. This is always possible if you can access the server machine. See
 +[[de:​userguide:​settings:​generalsettings:​datarestore|'​Datarestore'​]] for how to do so.
 +Once you are connected to the database, you browse to the schema '​usermanagement',​ table '​gecamed_user'​. Here you can display the table'​s data content and also change it. 
 +For security reasons passwords are not entered literally in the database, but are encoded through a hash function. You therefore have to find the hash code of the original admin password. It can be found in the installation'​s initial data loading script under '​gecamed/​install/​database/​data.sql'​. Search for the string "​System Administrator"​ to get straight to the right line. Copy the hash code string (without the quotes) from the SQL INSERT command in this line, 6th position in the VALUE clause, right after '​admin',​ and put it back in the '​passwordhash'​ attribute value of the '​admin'​ line in usermanagement.gecamed_user. Save the change.
 +You now should be able again to connect with user admin, password admin.
 +Alternatively you can also copy the hash code of a known password from a non-admin user, such as a secretary, to the admin user. 
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