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I Cannot start GECAMed on Windows 8

If you installed the GECAMed server on a Windows 8 system and shut down your Computer you will not be able to start GECAMed.

Getting GECAMed work again

To get your GECAMed working again, restart your Windows 8. You can restart Windows 8 by doing one of the following:

  • Close all programs and press Alt + F4.
    The Windows 8 shutdown menu opens. Here you can select “Restart” and press “OK”.
  • Open the settings side menu, click the power button and select restart.
    You can get into the settings side menu by
    • moving your mouse into the upper right corner and clicking on “Settings” in the opening menu
    • Pressing Windows + i

What is the cause for this problem?

The problem occurs because there is a problem with the JBoss application server, which the GECAMed server is based on.
If you send the Windows 8 system, the GECAMed server is running on, into sleep or hibernate mode, the GECAMed server will not work properly after it was restarted.
The same problem occurs when shutting down Windows 8, because Windows 8 doesn't shut down fully, as it is known from former Windows versions. Instead it suspense in some kind of hibernation mode. This is called “Fast Startup”, because your PC will be ready faster after you shut it down. It causes the same trouble as the normal sleep or hibernation mode does.

Disable "Fast Startup"

You can disable Fast Startup and enable Windows 8 to shut down completely instead. Doing so the problem won't occur any longer.
Use this script to disable Fast Startup:

  1. Download the ZIP file with the script in it: disable fast
  2. Extract the batch script file (“disable_fast_startup_windows_8.bat”) in the ZIP file to any location on your hard disk
  3. Right click on the script file and select “Run as administrator”
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