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Try GECAMed Online

Try the latest version of GECAMed online without installing it on your computer. This gives you the possibility to test drive it and to get an idea whether it suits your needs or not. GECAMed will start automatically.

As GECAMed 2.05.00 and later uses a new Code Signing Certificate, you need to upgrade your Java Version to the latest Java 8.

See Application Blocked by Security Settings.

Please provide one of the following user names and the associated password to use GECAMed in the corresponding language:

If you whish to try GECAMed in French

  • please use the user name jacques with the password jacques

If you whish to try GECAMed in German

  • please use the user name walter with the password walter

If you whish to try GECAMed in English

  • please use the user name tommy with the password tommy

Depending on your internet connection, start of Demo may take a while. Please be patient!

How to start the GECAMed client on Mac:

Please note, that the default Mac security settings complicate the launch of the GECAMed client.
You will see a window, telling you, that GECAMed cannot be opened, because it is from an unidentified developer.
To start the GECAMed client anyway, please do the following:

  1. Click on "Start GECAMed" to download the GECAMed.jnlp file.
  2. Open the downloaded file in the Finder (it is most likely, that the file is not in your default download directory).
    If you use Safari, you can open the download list, right click on the GECAMed.jnlp file and choose "Show in Finder".
  3. In the Finder, right click on the GECAMed.jnlp file and choose "Open".
  4. A Window appears, telling you, that the file is from an unidentified developer. Confirm it with "Open"
  5. The GECAMed client will now be downloaded and started.
You do not have to do this every time you want to start GECAMed. Once the GECAMed client was started, it creates an icon on your desktop, which you can use to directly start GECAMed.

Why does the security settings block GECAMed?
First of all, GECAMed is NOT insecure and NOT harmful.
The problem is, that the file, you download to start the GECAMed client (GECAMed.jnlp), is not signed. Therefore your system doesn't know, who created the file and if it's harmless or not.
Because of technical reasons, it is not possible to sign the GECAMed.jnlp:
The GECAMed.jnlp file is different on each GECAMed installation and therefore has to be created on the fly. Therefore it would have to be signed on the fly, as well. But this is not possible, because this procedure requires our private key and password in cleartext on the machine, which we, of course, cannot publish.

Start GECAMed

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