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 ===== News =====  ===== News ===== 
 <note important>​ <note important>​
-To all our valued ​Gecamed ​users, +Interested in a Gecamed ​Demo or you have questions? Please ​contact ​the Kirepo Team by phone +352 20 601 707 or email
- +
-We are pleased to announce that future support and updates for Gecamed will be managed and maintained by Kirepo sàrl; a Luxembourg-based company experienced in the areas of software support and development. +
- +
-For more information ​or need for GECAMed-related support please ​contact Kirepo Team at +352 20 601 707 or <>. +
-Kirepo will be in contact with all active users soon. +
 </​note>​ </​note>​
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