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-====== GECAMed Support ====== 
-<​!--ABACUS provides support for your GECAMed installation. We do not only install and maintain GECAMed, but we can also provide you with hardware and software support for your entire medical office. In addition, we offer trainings and customizations,​ such as reports, forms and specific modules.-->​ 
-If you are interested in a GECAMed installation on Linux with secure remote access and encrypted database you can contact \\ 
-**Dr. Alain Louge (PhD)**\\ 
-**GSM:** +352 621 45 34 20\\ 
-**For project partners, LIST offers remote TeamViewer support.**\\ 
-You can download TeamViewer here: 
-[[http://​​download/​version_9x/​TeamViewerQS.exe | Download TeamViewer QuickSupport for Windows]] \\ 
-[[http://​​download/​version_9x/​TeamViewerQS.dmg | Download TeamViewer QuickSupport for Mac OS X]] \\ 
-[[http://​​download/​version_9x/​teamviewer_qs.tar.gz | Download TeamViewer QuickSupport for Linux]] 
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