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GECAMed - Gestion de cabinets médicaux

Innovative Software Solution for Medical Offices

The GECAMed “Gestion de Cabinets médicaux” project was initially started after the bankruptcy of a commercial software company in Luxembourg, which provided software for patient data management.

The consequece was that all physicians using this software found themselves in a difficult situation. There was no longer any support for their medical cabinet management software, while their electronic patient records were in danger to be lost or become inaccessable.

After interviewing different physicians, a requirements document was written, gathering the needs and expectations of physicians. With this document in hand, a market study of open source software solutions for medical offices was done in order to look for existing solutions. Since none were really satisfying, the decision was taken to start the GECAMed project by building a solid basis for the implementation of a state-of-the-art practice management system and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for physcians in Luxembourg.

The idea behind GECAMed was to develop a free, open source software solution, which is not the property of any given software vendor, but a solution that can be distributed and supported by different service companies. This gives the physicians the possibility to choose among several different companies, and also to switch to a different support provider without giving up their software solution.

Initial Phase

The first phase of the GECAMed project started in 2006 and reached maturity in 2009. It was destined mainly for general practitioners. Already at that early stage GECAMed came equipped with an EMR (patient record), an agenda and waiting Room, a lab result downloader & viewer, DICOM image viewer and of cause a billing system that worked for Luxemburg.

It was developed with the support of:

2nd Phase

Phase 2 started in 2010 and opened up GECAMed for other users, especially medical specialists. A new module, the dynamic FormEditor, has been developed that allows users and support partners to create their own form templates. Those templates can be filled with custom data and attached to the patient's medical records. This goes way beyond the standard S.O.A.P. notes (consultations) and other build-in types of medical records.

The pilot project GECAMed2 Cardio added to the software by

  • implementing specific cardiological features such as exam reports using the FormEditor
  • adapting the billing rules enging for use in a hospital environment
  • using HL7 patient data exchange in a hospital environment

The main supporters of this phase where:

3rd Phase

In 2013 the GECAMed project entered a 3rd phase when joining a consortiom of companies that was selected by the Agence eSanté to implement Luxemburg's future eSanté platform. GECAMed's role in this consortium was to seamlessly integrate eSanté's document exchange services and provide the highest level of integration of a doctor's own patient records with eSanté's Dossier de Soins Partagés (DSP). As it was the pilot implementation for DSP exchange, GECAMed paved the way for other commercial SW companies to follow in its steps.

Main supporters during this phase where IdéoMed and the Agence eSanté, with continued support from AMMD & Ministère de la Santé (for the Médicales), and also the Hôpitaux Robert Schuman (HRS).

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