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Java 9 not yet supported

In September 2017 Oracle has released version 9 of Java, which is no longer compatible with the current GECAMed version 2.07.04.

Due to changes in the Java 9 libraries the current GECAMed client fails at startup. You can still use the GECAMed client on any platform with Java 8 installed.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Release 2.07.04

Release date: 11/12/2017

This is a purely technical release, needed to prolong GECAMed's Java Code Signing Certificate for one more year. Functionally the 2.07.04 is identical to the 2.07.03 release - no new features or bug fixes are included, and Java 9 compatibility is not provided.

It is important that you upgrade GECAMed before January 15, 2018!

Passed that date, older versions than the 2.07.04 will be blocked by Java Security, if you are using Java Webstart to launch the GECAMed clients (the default start method). Basically that means you won't be able to start the GECAMed client as before.

As an alternative to upgrading GECAMed now, you can also install a GECAMed client locally on your workstation. This avoids Java Webstart completely, but also has some disadvantages: clients on different workstations are no longer updated automatically after upgrading the GECAMed server, and therefore need to be reinstalled manually on every work station where they are needed.

See for instructions on the manual client installation.

After upgrading to the new version 2.07.04, you will see the following warning during client startup because of the changed publisher certificate:

Java security warning when starting a GECAMed client

Click the do-not-show-this-again checkbox before pressing “Run”, if you don't want to see this message again.

2014/12/18 09:47

Release 2.07.03

Release date: 10/04/2017
Patch release with some rather urgent fixes. In particular, a blocking problem with the GECAMed updater/installer that occurred after a recent Windows update (Windows 7 - 10) (1891).

An interesting new feature is the availability of the “Liste commerciale de médicaments” in the GECAMed prescription. Simply start typing the commercial name of the drug in the prescription entry field, then activate the autocompleter by hitting the Ctl-Space key on the keyboard. This brings up the list of all commercially available drugs, matching the text you have typed so far.

For now this feature is only available as an add-on to GECAMed and must be installed seperately, e.g. by your GECAMed support partner.

The original list is published by the CNS in PDF format from the following web page:

This addon will only work on GECAMed release 2.07.03 and later, as the DB had to be changed.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1882 tested OK ⇒ Rechnungserstellung mit “Vorlage benutzen” funktioniert nicht immer
  • 1886 tested OK ⇒ Warnung “Datum in der Zukunft” erscheint für heutiges Datum
  • 1887 tested OK ⇒ Waiting room entry dialog closes unexpectedly when typing digit in Note field
  • 1891 tested OK ⇒ Probleme bei Update / Neuinstallation von GECAMed auf Windows 10
  • 1893 tested OK ⇒ Autocompletion key left over after auto-completion in prescription text
  • 1894 tested OK ⇒ Liste des médicaments commercialisés in prescription autocompleter
  • 1895 tested OK ⇒ Form Editor Tab does not show the Form on opening due to wrong divider location.
2014/12/18 09:47

Release 2.07.02

Public release date: 16/3/2017

This patch release fixes 2 bugs when creating hospitalized invoices or using invoice templates

  • 1884 ⇒ Tariffs can't be switched back to class A once they have been set to 1 or 2
2014/12/18 09:47

Release 2.07.01

Public release date: 13/3/2017

This patch release fixes one major bug in the DB update script that handles the update of the CNS' massive tariff change of 1.1.2017.

  • 1879 ⇒ 1.1.2017 tarif update empties invoice templates
2014/12/18 09:47

Release 2.07.00

Pre-release date: 9/2/20117
Public release date: 6/3/2017

This minor release contains some new features and optiopns as well as the usual bug fixes and improvements.

Major improvement: payment dialog

The payment dialog had a lot of troubles, some more serious than others. This has led in some cases to missing or wrong ledger entries, which can disturb the practice's internal accounting. 7 tickets related to that subject have been fixed. Please ckech the payment dialog section in the User Manual.

New Feature: User customizable patient history filters

GECAMed comes out of the box with a fixed set of filters for the patient history ('Full View', 'Diagnosis', 'Letters', 'Files', 'Prescriptions', 'Forms', 'CDA'). Additional ad hoc filter criteria can be entered like the type of document, a date range and a text search criteria. However, those ad hoc filters could not be saved until now, and no additional filters could be added.

To get rid of these shortcomings, release 2.07.00 introduces fully customizabe filters for the patient history. Doctors can now define their own filters based an a type selection and a text criteria. Full management of all filters, comprising the standard ones, is now possible for a user with admin rights.

I. e., here you can see how a custom filter for the new “Ordonnances Médicales Kinésithérapie” would look like:

New Feature: Empty the invoice trash

Until now the invoice trash could not be emptied, except with a series of DELETE operations on the DB. Now there is a user level function to do exactly this.

New Option: hide Patient ID

Users have complaint that the GECAMed internal Patient ID is displayed in several places. Now there is an option to hide it again.

New Feature: make bank accounts obsolete

Bank accounts for physicians and the practice can not be deleted once they have been used in a settlement. This new feature allows to hide them in the payment dialog, so that unused or obsolete accounts won't bother anymore during settlement operations.

New Option: disable shotcut keys in patient module

Due to interferences between a voice dictation software and non-customizable short keys in the patient module we decided to introduce an option to deactivate those shotcuts alltogether. See Funktionstasten.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1232 tested OK ⇒ User-configuarable filter tabs in the Patient History
  • 1280 tested OK ⇒ New placeholder PATIENT_INFO / [PAT_JOB]
  • 1284 tested OK ⇒ Newly created template not shown if list was empty before
  • 1496 tested OK ⇒ Agenda selection off by a month
  • 1659 tested OK ⇒ New “Empty Invoice Trash” function
  • 1750 tested OK ⇒ Better search / display of past patient weight
  • 1751 tested OK ⇒ Option to display/hide the internal patient ID
  • 1766 tested OK ⇒ New feature to make bank accounts obsolete
  • 1787 tested OK ⇒ Falsche Abrundung von Tarifen mit quantity » 1
  • 1789 tested OK ⇒ Java Error when creating a new message
  • 1790 tested OK ⇒ Eingabe von Tarifen mit negativem Zahlenwert nicht mehr möglich
  • 1791 tested OK ⇒ Several improvements of payment dialog
    and subsequent tickets:
    • 1517 tested OK ⇒ Payed invoices missing in the ledger (Journal de caisse)
    • 1519 tested OK ⇒ Ledger: Option “Only effective transactions” has no effect
    • 1520 tested OK ⇒ Deduction not registerd in the invoice, only in ledger
    • 1655 tested OK ⇒ Bezahlte Rechnung (Kassenjournal) wird als nicht bezahlt weitergeführt
    • 1792 tested OK ⇒ Ledger entries in chronological order
    • 1794 tested OK ⇒ Bad ledger entry after over-paying invoce per bank transfer
    • 1804 tested OK ⇒ Restore function for missing ledger entries
  • 1793 tested OK ⇒ Add log entry for removing patient from waitingroom
  • 1795 tested OK ⇒ Hospitalization calculator blocks GECAMed
  • 1796 tested OK ⇒ Restore ledger entries when restauring trashed invoices
  • 1797 tested OK ⇒ ⇒ Replace Trash tab by modal window / dialog
  • 1798 tested OK ⇒ Insurance majoration not automatically set in invoices
  • 1799 tested OK ⇒ Statement detail not refreshed automatically after closing statement
  • 1801 tested OK ⇒ Future appointment list not refreshed after adding new appointments
  • 1802 tested OK ⇒ Future appointment list printed incorrectly
  • 1806 fixed ⇒ ERROR: Doctena Sync Failed!
  • 1810 fixed ⇒ Improve loading/generating of recurring appointments in the Client
  • 1812 fixed ⇒ Report “No managed connections” failiure at login time
  • 1808 fixed ⇒ Kontroll-Report für Anästhesisten im CHEM
  • 1816 tested OK ⇒ Lux address completion present if non-Lux country has been chosen
  • 1820 fixed ⇒ Stateful bean not found errors on batch import job
  • 1822 tested OK ⇒ Rechnung 2. Klasse wird als ambulant (A) im Rechnungslisting angezeigt
  • 1823 tested OK ⇒ Zahlungsaufforderung für Ausländer werden nicht alle unterdrückt
  • 1824 tested OK ⇒ Problems with BACKSPACE in ZIP, Street and Country
  • 1825 tested OK ⇒ Site selection box no longer available at the login screen
  • 1826 tested OK ⇒ CNS demands 5-digit precision for key value “CNS Laboratoires”
  • 1827 tested OK ⇒ Kein Refresh des Listings nach teilweisem Settlement
  • 1828 tested OK ⇒ Neues Status-Ikon für teilweise beglichene Rechnungen
  • 1830 tested OK ⇒ Allow to batch-print reminders in alphabetical order of patient names
  • 1832 tested OK ⇒ Kontrollen für Eingabe von Geburts- und Prestationsdaten
  • 1833 tested OK ⇒ Don't export “null” values into CSV file
  • 1834 tested OK ⇒ Add list of billed codes for a specific patient
  • 1818 tested OK ⇒ Add a “Jump to” funtion to the “Show patient visits” function
  • 1840 tested OK ⇒ Display problem when moving patient between waiting rooms
  • 1847 tested OK ⇒ Add Time Period to Calendar Module Titlebar
  • 1849 tested OK ⇒ Invoice Print Template rejected by CNS
  • 1851 fixed(*) ⇒ Update from 2.06.03 to 2.06.06 fails.
  • 1853 tested OK ⇒ Add new CNS Billing Rates for 01/2017
  • 1854 tested OK ⇒ Add National Holidays for 2017
  • 1855 tested OK ⇒ Add Letter Placeholders for patients last Accident
  • 1856 tested OK ⇒ Add Letter Placeholders for patients other treating doctors
  • 1857 tested OK ⇒ Add Option to Export/Print a Patient
  • 1868 tested OK ⇒ Option to disable the built-in mnemonic shortcuts
  • 1877 tested OK ⇒ Batch printing invoices/reminders stops with printer error.

(*) Will still be an issue when an upgrade is applied to a GECAMed originally installed as release 2.06.03.

2014/12/18 09:47
Before upgrading from an older to a newer GECAMed version we strongly recommend to take a moment and
make a full backup (database and files).

Any number of things can go wrong during an upgrade operation, resulting in application failure and possibly even data loss. Also it is not excluded that the new release introduces blocking errors, performance bottlenecks or simply contains features you do not like at all. With a full backup it is always possible to restore the system to it's exact state at the moment when the backup has been made. See sections Datensicherung and Datenbank Wiederherstellung on how to perform backup and restore operations.

MAC OSX users Due to changes in newer OSX versions we no longer recommend and support MAC OSX as a GECAMed Server.

But don't panic! You can still use youre beloved Mac Book as a GECAMed client workstation.

  • Nevertheless, if you are still trying to install GECAMed on Mac OS, you will need to turn off the Rootless System Integrity Protection. Please refer to our FAQ for further information: GECAMed doesn’t work on Mac OS X El Capitan There are also a few known problems when installing GECAMed on MAC OSX 10.5., but in this case workarounds are available. See Installation Fails on Mac OS X in our FAQ section.
  • If you're using the installer for Windows, please make sure that you unzip the zip file into a folder, and then run the setup.exe from within that folder. Otherwise the installer will not find all its required files. Especially Windows 7 might make you think (wrongly!) that the ZIP file corresponds to a whole folder, while in reality the files are still firmly inside the ZIP archive.

Status: public; Release date: 11/12/2017

INSTALLER only for NEW installations

FilenameFilesizeLast modified
gecamed_2.07.04_installer_linux.deb239.6 MiB2019/12/11 16:08
gecamed_2.07.04_installer_mac.jar280.7 MiB2019/12/11 16:09
gecamed_2.07.04_installer_windows.exe312.7 MiB2019/12/11 16:09

UPDATER for already existing installations

FilenameFilesizeLast modified
gecamed_2.07.04_dbupdates.zip329.6 KiB2019/12/11 16:08
gecamed_2.07.04_updater_mac.jar151.7 MiB2019/12/11 16:10
gecamed_2.07.04_updater_windows.exe133.4 MiB2019/12/11 16:10

Manual Update for old installations. EXPERTS ONLY

Old Versions: older Versions of GECAMed can be downloaded from:

Source code: Here you can download the sources of the current GECAMed version. For further instructions on how to set up a development environment with Eclipse , please read the this entry in our FAQ section. The source code of version 2.07.04 is identical to version 2.07.03, see the release notes above.

System Requirements

For the server:

  • State of the Art Processor with minimum 8 GB RAM.
  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
  • Mac OSX 10.6 (no longer recommended and supported by us - try at your own risk)
  • Linux (Ubuntu) 14.04 LTS - other Distributions may work but will require some tweaking when installing and upgrading
  • Java 1.5 JRE (a Java 1.5 version is delivered with the installer)
  • Postgresql 9.3 (delivered with the installer for Windows and Mac), for linux please install postgresql 9.3 which is normally preconfigured for the 9.3 Postgresql version. Newer versions of Postgresql may run into truble as they are not necessayrily compatible with the Java 1.5 JRE we are using for GECAMed.
  • LAN connection with a FIX IP Address and valid DNS Entry - NO WLAN!

For the clients:

  • State of the art desktop-computer or Laptop (Mac oder PC), Minimum 8 GB RAM;
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or Higher
  • Mac OSX 10.6 or higher
  • Linux
  • Latest Java 8 (Java 9 not yet supported)
  • Webbrowser
  • Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016, or Apache OpenOffice 4.0 or higher (required for letter generation)
  • Minimal screen resolution: 1280×1024
2014/12/18 09:47

Inform us:

Please give us some information about your use of GECAMed. Thanks!

Contact Details
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