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Release Notes

Next releases in preparation see: NEXT RELEASES

Release 2.07.04

Release date: 11/12/2017

This is a purely technical release, needed to prolong GECAMed's Java Code Signing Certificate for one more year. Functionally the 2.07.04 is identical to the 2.07.03 release - no new features or bug fixes are included, and Java 9 compatibility is not provided.

It is important that you upgrade GECAMed before January 15, 2018!

Passed that date, older versions than the 2.07.04 will be blocked by Java Security, if you are using Java Webstart to launch the GECAMed clients (the default start method). Basically that means you won't be able to start the GECAMed client as before.

As an alternative to upgrading GECAMed now, you can also install a GECAMed client locally on your workstation. This avoids Java Webstart completely, but also has some disadvantages: clients on different workstations are no longer updated automatically after upgrading the GECAMed server, and therefore need to be reinstalled manually on every work station where they are needed.

See for instructions on the manual client installation.

After upgrading to the new version 2.07.04, you will see the following warning during client startup because of the changed publisher certificate:

Java security warning when starting a GECAMed client

Click the do-not-show-this-again checkbox before pressing “Run”, if you don't want to see this message again.

Release 2.07.03

Release date: 10/04/2017
Patch release with some rather urgent fixes. In particular, a blocking problem with the GECAMed updater/installer that occurred after a recent Windows update (Windows 7 - 10) (1891).

An interesting new feature is the availability of the “Liste commerciale de médicaments” in the GECAMed prescription. Simply start typing the commercial name of the drug in the prescription entry field, then activate the autocompleter by hitting the Ctl-Space key on the keyboard. This brings up the list of all commercially available drugs, matching the text you have typed so far.

For now this feature is only available as an add-on to GECAMed and must be installed seperately, e.g. by your GECAMed support partner.

The original list is published by the CNS in PDF format from the following web page:

This addon will only work on GECAMed release 2.07.03 and later, as the DB had to be changed.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1882 tested OK ⇒ Rechnungserstellung mit “Vorlage benutzen” funktioniert nicht immer
  • 1886 tested OK ⇒ Warnung “Datum in der Zukunft” erscheint für heutiges Datum
  • 1887 tested OK ⇒ Waiting room entry dialog closes unexpectedly when typing digit in Note field
  • 1891 tested OK ⇒ Probleme bei Update / Neuinstallation von GECAMed auf Windows 10
  • 1893 tested OK ⇒ Autocompletion key left over after auto-completion in prescription text
  • 1894 tested OK ⇒ Liste des médicaments commercialisés in prescription autocompleter
  • 1895 tested OK ⇒ Form Editor Tab does not show the Form on opening due to wrong divider location.

Release 2.07.02

Public release date: 16/3/2017

This patch release fixes 2 bugs when creating hospitalized invoices or using invoice templates

  • 1884 ⇒ Tariffs can't be switched back to class A once they have been set to 1 or 2

Release 2.07.01

Public release date: 13/3/2017

This patch release fixes one major bug in the DB update script that handles the update of the CNS' massive tariff change of 1.1.2017.

  • 1879 ⇒ 1.1.2017 tarif update empties invoice templates

Release 2.07.00

Pre-release date: 9/2/20117
Public release date: 6/3/2017

This minor release contains some new features and optiopns as well as the usual bug fixes and improvements.

Major improvement: payment dialog

The payment dialog had a lot of troubles, some more serious than others. This has led in some cases to missing or wrong ledger entries, which can disturb the practice's internal accounting. 7 tickets related to that subject have been fixed. Please ckech the payment dialog section in the User Manual.

New Feature: User customizable patient history filters

GECAMed comes out of the box with a fixed set of filters for the patient history ('Full View', 'Diagnosis', 'Letters', 'Files', 'Prescriptions', 'Forms', 'CDA'). Additional ad hoc filter criteria can be entered like the type of document, a date range and a text search criteria. However, those ad hoc filters could not be saved until now, and no additional filters could be added.

To get rid of these shortcomings, release 2.07.00 introduces fully customizabe filters for the patient history. Doctors can now define their own filters based an a type selection and a text criteria. Full management of all filters, comprising the standard ones, is now possible for a user with admin rights.

I. e., here you can see how a custom filter for the new “Ordonnances Médicales Kinésithérapie” would look like:

New Feature: Empty the invoice trash

Until now the invoice trash could not be emptied, except with a series of DELETE operations on the DB. Now there is a user level function to do exactly this.

New Option: hide Patient ID

Users have complaint that the GECAMed internal Patient ID is displayed in several places. Now there is an option to hide it again.

New Feature: make bank accounts obsolete

Bank accounts for physicians and the practice can not be deleted once they have been used in a settlement. This new feature allows to hide them in the payment dialog, so that unused or obsolete accounts won't bother anymore during settlement operations.

New Option: disable shotcut keys in patient module

Due to interferences between a voice dictation software and non-customizable short keys in the patient module we decided to introduce an option to deactivate those shotcuts alltogether. See Funktionstasten.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1232 tested OK ⇒ User-configuarable filter tabs in the Patient History
  • 1280 tested OK ⇒ New placeholder PATIENT_INFO / [PAT_JOB]
  • 1284 tested OK ⇒ Newly created template not shown if list was empty before
  • 1496 tested OK ⇒ Agenda selection off by a month
  • 1659 tested OK ⇒ New “Empty Invoice Trash” function
  • 1750 tested OK ⇒ Better search / display of past patient weight
  • 1751 tested OK ⇒ Option to display/hide the internal patient ID
  • 1766 tested OK ⇒ New feature to make bank accounts obsolete
  • 1787 tested OK ⇒ Falsche Abrundung von Tarifen mit quantity » 1
  • 1789 tested OK ⇒ Java Error when creating a new message
  • 1790 tested OK ⇒ Eingabe von Tarifen mit negativem Zahlenwert nicht mehr möglich
  • 1791 tested OK ⇒ Several improvements of payment dialog
    and subsequent tickets:
    • 1517 tested OK ⇒ Payed invoices missing in the ledger (Journal de caisse)
    • 1519 tested OK ⇒ Ledger: Option “Only effective transactions” has no effect
    • 1520 tested OK ⇒ Deduction not registerd in the invoice, only in ledger
    • 1655 tested OK ⇒ Bezahlte Rechnung (Kassenjournal) wird als nicht bezahlt weitergeführt
    • 1792 tested OK ⇒ Ledger entries in chronological order
    • 1794 tested OK ⇒ Bad ledger entry after over-paying invoce per bank transfer
    • 1804 tested OK ⇒ Restore function for missing ledger entries
  • 1793 tested OK ⇒ Add log entry for removing patient from waitingroom
  • 1795 tested OK ⇒ Hospitalization calculator blocks GECAMed
  • 1796 tested OK ⇒ Restore ledger entries when restauring trashed invoices
  • 1797 tested OK ⇒ ⇒ Replace Trash tab by modal window / dialog
  • 1798 tested OK ⇒ Insurance majoration not automatically set in invoices
  • 1799 tested OK ⇒ Statement detail not refreshed automatically after closing statement
  • 1801 tested OK ⇒ Future appointment list not refreshed after adding new appointments
  • 1802 tested OK ⇒ Future appointment list printed incorrectly
  • 1806 fixed ⇒ ERROR: Doctena Sync Failed!
  • 1810 fixed ⇒ Improve loading/generating of recurring appointments in the Client
  • 1812 fixed ⇒ Report “No managed connections” failiure at login time
  • 1808 fixed ⇒ Kontroll-Report für Anästhesisten im CHEM
  • 1816 tested OK ⇒ Lux address completion present if non-Lux country has been chosen
  • 1820 fixed ⇒ Stateful bean not found errors on batch import job
  • 1822 tested OK ⇒ Rechnung 2. Klasse wird als ambulant (A) im Rechnungslisting angezeigt
  • 1823 tested OK ⇒ Zahlungsaufforderung für Ausländer werden nicht alle unterdrückt
  • 1824 tested OK ⇒ Problems with BACKSPACE in ZIP, Street and Country
  • 1825 tested OK ⇒ Site selection box no longer available at the login screen
  • 1826 tested OK ⇒ CNS demands 5-digit precision for key value “CNS Laboratoires”
  • 1827 tested OK ⇒ Kein Refresh des Listings nach teilweisem Settlement
  • 1828 tested OK ⇒ Neues Status-Ikon für teilweise beglichene Rechnungen
  • 1830 tested OK ⇒ Allow to batch-print reminders in alphabetical order of patient names
  • 1832 tested OK ⇒ Kontrollen für Eingabe von Geburts- und Prestationsdaten
  • 1833 tested OK ⇒ Don't export “null” values into CSV file
  • 1834 tested OK ⇒ Add list of billed codes for a specific patient
  • 1818 tested OK ⇒ Add a “Jump to” funtion to the “Show patient visits” function
  • 1840 tested OK ⇒ Display problem when moving patient between waiting rooms
  • 1847 tested OK ⇒ Add Time Period to Calendar Module Titlebar
  • 1849 tested OK ⇒ Invoice Print Template rejected by CNS
  • 1851 fixed(*) ⇒ Update from 2.06.03 to 2.06.06 fails.
  • 1853 tested OK ⇒ Add new CNS Billing Rates for 01/2017
  • 1854 tested OK ⇒ Add National Holidays for 2017
  • 1855 tested OK ⇒ Add Letter Placeholders for patients last Accident
  • 1856 tested OK ⇒ Add Letter Placeholders for patients other treating doctors
  • 1857 tested OK ⇒ Add Option to Export/Print a Patient
  • 1868 tested OK ⇒ Option to disable the built-in mnemonic shortcuts
  • 1877 tested OK ⇒ Batch printing invoices/reminders stops with printer error.

(*) Will still be an issue when an upgrade is applied to a GECAMed originally installed as release 2.06.03.

Release 2.06.06

Release date: 29.11.2016

Bugfix Release for a bug introduced in 2.06.05:

  • 1848 tested OK ⇒ Create Patient Dialog in Agenda and Waitingroom is not working anymore.

Release 2.06.05

Release date: 23.11.2016

Starting with this version the GECAMed client will no longer start with Java 1.6, which is outdated. This was done to avoid problems with correct Java 8 code, which caused errors when running under Java 6. (see 1841) GECAMed continues to run under Java 7 and later.

New tariffs for colo-rectal cancer screening (applicable: 1/11/2016) have been added. A mailto: function has been added in the patient administrative view. Some more bugs have been discovered, which are also fixed in this patch release.

  • 1835 tested OK ⇒ Suffix Minima Calculation on Invoices/Acts is broken in 2.06.03
  • 1836 tested OK ⇒ Error when saving Patient that was originally imported
  • 1837 tested OK ⇒ Patient Administrative data doesn't fit to 1280×1024 resolution anymore
  • 1839 tested OK ⇒ mailto: function in administrative patient view
  • 1842 tested OK ⇒ Modify GECAMED Launcher to work on Citrix
  • 1843 tested OK ⇒ Automatisches Importieren (Agenda → Wartesaal) kann nicht deaktiviert werden
  • 1844 tested OK ⇒ New CNS tariffs (1/11/2016) for colo-rectal cancer screening (PDOCCR)
  • 1846 tested OK ⇒ Prevent manual editing of RIS ID in the Client

Release 2.06.03

Release date: 17/10/2016

We discovered two more bugs in the 2.06 release trunk that are fixed with this patch release, which therefore contains only the following two tickets:

  • 1770 tested OK ⇒ Void physician disappearing in calendar modification dialog
  • 1779 tested OK ⇒ Skip automatic waiting room import if module not activated
  • 1825 tested OK ⇒ Site selection box no longer available at the login screen
  • 1831 tested OK ⇒ Creating a new doctor blocks the account editing function

When upgrading from the last public release (2.05.03 from March 2016) you should also read the release notes for releases 2.06.00, 2.06.01 and 2.06.02.

Release 2.06.02

Release date: 31/8/2016 (Maisons Médicales)

This is a special release ordered by the Ministry of Health in order to improve the usage statistics of the |Luxemburgish Maisons Médicales, where GECAMed is used for documenting patient visits during practice closed hours. Only the waiting room is concerned by this small feature release.

The new features are:

  • Retroactive entering/editing of patient consultations. Until now, GECAMed allowed to to create waiting room entries only for the current date (i.e. today). This made it impossible to enter the doctor's late night house calls after the secretaries had left. Now you can change the date of the waiting room and have full access to all entries on the chosen date, and also create new ones.
  • New waiting room entry dialog. When adding a patient to a waiting room, a dialog is displayed to choose among different waiting rooms (if the practice has more than one). The new dialog offers more possibilities than the old one, which allowed just the choice of the waiting room.
    The additional entry fields are:
  1. The hour when the patient entered the waiting room can be manually set;
  2. If the entry corresponds to a house call (check the “Visite” box) the kilometers can be recorded;
  3. The reason of the consultation can be chosen among 7 different predefined points;
  4. The notice can also be edited in the dialog.

The same dialog is also available on already existing entries, current or past. That makes it possible to complete the patient visits of the previous days (e.g. kilometers driven for house calls).

Only the secretaries of the Maisons Médicales are supposed to use the new features, as it improves the quality of data and allows for more precise statistics. For a normal practice there is no need to enter the additional data.

Please refer to the User manual (available in DE and FR) for all the details of the changes.

In addition to the new features, a few bugs have been fixed along. See below for the complete list of closed tickets.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1800 tested OK ⇒ Allow for retroactive recording of Waitingroom entries + kilometers
  • 1817 tested OK ⇒ Saisir raison de consultation dans l'agenda
  • 1819 tested OK ⇒ Patient research function behaves badly with multiple matches
  • 1821 tested OK ⇒ F-12 dialog not kept up-to-date with waiting room content

Release 2.06.01

Pre-Release date: 4/8/2016 (non public)

When redesigning the doctor management panel, a critical bug was introduced in 2.06.00, which made it impossible to create the first physician in a completely new GECAMed installation. Instead of simply fixing this bug, the whole physician management tab has been redesigned. The physician detail panel has been replaced by a dialog, so that only one physician can be modified at a time. Gone are the yellow markings for unsaved physician lines, and the confusion and bugs that came with it. See the corresponding User Manual section in DE and FR.

<screenshot with new list + dialog>

A couple of minor issues have also been fixed along. See the complete list below.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1290 tested OK ⇒ Java errors when trying to delete a physician
  • 1301 tested OK ⇒ Inappropriate error message when trying to delete a user
  • 1397 tested OK ⇒ Physician address and physician saving in admin module is error-prone
  • 1401 tested OK ⇒ Color physician line according to the physician's color
  • 1813 tested OK ⇒ Can't create first physician in a newly installed GECAMed
  • 1814 tested OK ⇒ Client shows Update-Available popup when not connected to the Internet

Release 2.06.00

Pre-release date: 12/05/2016 (non public)

This minor release contains quite a lot of bug fixes, a lot of them discovered only recently but also older ones. A few minor enhancements are also present, and a couple of invoicing / CNS rule changes.

New Features / Enhancements

  • New tarifs (V101 - V701, MR03) and related rules have been added to the billing module. Other rules/calculations (3N55BAV, rounding, quantities) have been fixed.
  • GECAMed now provieds an easy way to install the server-side OpenOffice which is needed for PDF/A eSante upload. Installation can be triggered via the eSante Admin Module.
  • GECAMed now allows individual physician CNS-Codes in group practices. If “Split billing per physician” is not set, and a practice CNS code is set, than the practice CNS-Code is printed on the invoice.If no practice CNS-Code is set, the CNS-Code of the physician is printed (if he has one). See the user manual for further information.
  • Error reporting and on-line warnings if backup fails has been improved. E.g., empty pgdump files are detected and reported now.
  • RPA documents (Résumé Patient Adult) that have been attached as files can now be uploaded to the eSanté DSP. Before, only RPAs that were created as letters (see RPP & RPA add-ons) could be uploaded.
  • Saving of users and physicians in the Admin module has been reworked. Probably not yet optimal, though.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 812 tested OK ⇒ Warnung falls Backup nicht funktioniert
  • 864 tested OK ⇒ Server error after finishing backup
  • 1183 tested OK ⇒ Height measurement in cm instead of m to get rid of the comma
  • 1453 tested OK ⇒ Difficulties to save address changes
  • 1483 tested OK ⇒ Can't save a nationality that is not in the drop down listbox
  • 1506 tested OK ⇒ Allow for manually entered patient titles
  • 1509 tested OK ⇒ GECAMed doesn't start anymore after deactivating all consultation fields
  • 1620 tested OK ⇒ Error when deleting a key value
  • 1665 tested OK ⇒ French accents corrupted in document title after downloading a document
  • 1697 tested OK ⇒ Entering Lux addresses is broken if a foreign address is also present
  • 1703 tested OK ⇒ Add insurance company on printed lists of invoices
  • 1724 tested OK ⇒ Search functions for invoices broken on new GECAMed installations
  • 1738 tested OK ⇒ Allow OpenOffice on non-Windows clients even if MS-Word is the primary choice
  • 1739 tested OK ⇒ Rule engine changes for tariffs V101 - V701
  • 1747 tested OK ⇒ Manual refresh function & diagnostics for patient history
  • 1748 tested OK ⇒ Make interior fields of patient data panels scale up to available size
  • 1749 tested OK ⇒ Loading an invoice by ID causes JBoss to run out of memory
  • 1753 tested OK ⇒ Enlarge “Job” field by 50%
  • 1759 tested OK ⇒ Tariff 3N55BAV incorrectly calculated
  • 1762 to be tested ⇒ JBoss does not start up propperly on Mac OSX without network connection.
  • 1765 tested OK ⇒ Automatically delete linked addresses in the DB when physicians are deleted
  • 1767 tested OK ⇒ Replace “CRP Henri Tudor” by “LIST” in the license agreement display
  • 1769 tested OK ⇒ Can't delete a calendar after the physician has been deleted
  • 1773 tested OK ⇒ Error when trying to upload an RPA as attached file
  • 1774 tested OK ⇒ Ctl-… shortcuts for switching the current physician broken.
  • 1775 tested OK ⇒ Change Physician accidentally possible, even without explicit right
  • 1776 tested OK ⇒ New Tariff MR03
  • 1777, 1786 tested OK ⇒ Allow for individual physician CNS-Codes in group practices
  • 1778 tested OK ⇒ java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when printing invoices and certificates
  • 1479 tested OK ⇒ Foreign ZIP code left over when trying to add a new address
  • 1780 tested OK ⇒ Don't delete doctor info when clicking '+'
  • 1781 tested OK ⇒ Login blocked for newly created user if language not set
  • 1782 tested OK ⇒ Cursor jumps at end of name text when in ALL UPPER CASE mode
  • 1784 tested OK ⇒ BMI calculation / display wrong in patient history
  • 1785 tested OK ⇒ OpenOffice4 for eSanté PDF/A1 conversion - easy installation
  • 1787 tested OK ⇒ Falsche Abrundung von Tarifen mit quantity » 1
  • 1788 tested OK ⇒ Placeholder [PAT_ANTECEDENTS] replaced with data from wrong patient
  • 1789 tested OK ⇒ Java Error when creating a new message
Hidden Feature: The name in the title bar and the background color of the module bar can be customized for a given GECAMed installation by inserting a NAME and a COLOR entry into the database table:
insert into (key, value, date) values ('NAME','DEMO-SERVER', 'now');
insert into (key, value, date) values ('COLOR','255,200,200', 'now');

This is useful to distinguish if clients from multiple GECAMed installations are used on the same workstation (e.g. in the context of a GECAMed migration, test installation is used in parallel with a production system).

Release 2.05.03

Release date: 15/3/2016

This bug fix release corrects some bugs that have been discovered recently.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1754 fixed ⇒ Improve readability of matricule in the Patient Module header
  • 1768 fixed ⇒ Doctena Sync Failed
  • 1764 fixed ⇒ No doctor associated when agenda created automatically
  • 1763 fixed ⇒ Multiple doctors and agendas generated when adding one new doctor
  • 1761 fixed ⇒ GECAMed DB backup file on Mac OSX is empty

Especially users who have installed the GECAMed server on MAC OSX should upgrade because otherwise their .pgdump file (DB backup) is likely to be empty (0.00 MB). Alternatively to upgrading you can also fix the backup issue manually as described in 1761. In any case, please check in the menu “Tools” → “Backup Database” if your db backups are Ok or not:

Release 2.05.01

Public release date: 18/2/2016

It is important that you upgraded GECAMed before the end of February 2016! Versions of GECAMed prior to 2.05.00 will run into problems with Java Webstart, as their Java Code Signing Certificate expires on 28/2/2016.

Basically that means you won't be able to start the GECAMed client anymore, except for manually installed GECAMed clients - see Release Notes 2.05.00.

As GECAMed 2.05.00 and later uses a new Code Signing Certificate, you need to upgrade your Java Version to the latest Java 8.

See Application Blocked by Security Settings.

This is a quick patch release following closely the pre-release 2.05.00. The main issue corrected was the improper handling of the patient ID in the appointment entries. We also added an option to switch it on/off in the Agenda, like for the two existing options:

Moreover, we included in this release a new configurable patient data panel that can be used for external (paper) storage information and an arbitrary text remark. You can activate this new panel in the global patient settings. A good placement is between PatientPhoneInfo and PatientContact, as shown here:

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1171 fixed ⇒ New data panel “PatientRemarks” in administrative patient view
  • 1610 fixed ⇒ Remark field on patient administrative data
  • 1707 fixed ⇒ New appointment type not recognized immediately after introduction
  • 1724 fixed ⇒ Search functions for invoices broken on new GECAMed installations
  • 1743 fixed ⇒ Option to display (or not) patient ID in Agenda and Waiting Room
  • 1744 fixed ⇒ Patient ID repeated over and over again in appointment description

Release 2.05.00

Pre-release date: 10/2/2016

The main objective of this minor release is to replace GECAMed's Java Code Signing Certificate, because the old one expires on February 28, 2016. After this date GECAMed installations prior to this release are likely to experience Java security restrictions when the GECAMed client is launched with Java Webstart (both over a browser or through the GECAMed shortcut).

We therefore strongly recommend to upgrade to this new version before 29/2/2015 in order to avoid unavailability of your GECAMed. Please contact your support company to schedule an upgrade ASAP. If for whatever reason an upgrade is not possible before the end of February you can continue to use older GECAMed versions, by installing the GECAMed client manually on every workstation. See for instructions.

Functional Changes

There are a couple of bug fixes and a few minor functional changes, but no major new feature. Please check the List of fixed issues hereafter to see the details.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1702 fixed ⇒ Print same accounts on payment orders as on reminders and invoices
  • 1710 fixed ⇒ Hospital code calculator applies wrong key value
  • 1711 fixed ⇒ Additional “ACCOMPTE” line printed on some invoices
  • 1718 fixed ⇒ Allergies
  • 1717 fixed ⇒ Allergy modifications not systematically saved
  • 1720 fixed ⇒ Double scrollbars in the Important Data panel
  • 1722 fixed ⇒ Datefields (JDatechooser) stopped working in GECAMed Form Module
  • 1724 fixed ⇒ Search functions for invoices broken on new GECAMed installations
  • 1726 fixed ⇒ Key value changes in 2015 and 2016
  • 1727 fixed ⇒ Alphabetically sorted list of all tariffs
  • 1730 fixed ⇒ Change default value for number of children to null (no value at all)
  • 1731 fixed ⇒ Display the GECAMed patient ID in the Agenda (and elsewhere)
  • 1733 fixed ⇒ Can't split invoice with attached memo
  • 1734 fixed ⇒ Supplément 1ère classe nicht auf Rechnungen mit Konsultationen drucken
  • 1736 fixed ⇒ Wrong memo displayed for invoice selection
  • 1740 fixed ⇒ Show paid TPP invoices in the DEFAULT statement
  • 1741 fixed ⇒ Better error recovery on JVM errors (different from Java code exceptions)
  • 1742 fixed ⇒ Enhancement of version mismatch dialog at client startup

Release 2.04.02

Pre-release date: 19/12/2015

A few more bugs have been fixed since the last release, and a couple of small improvements have also been made. See the release notes for more details.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1671 fixed ⇒ New option to switch on/off Agenda synchronisation
  • 1672 fixed ⇒ Improvements of the “Switch to Third Party” function
  • 1674 fixed ⇒ Allow to print invoice originals while in billing supervisor mode
  • 1676 fixed ⇒ Error on other GECAMed clients when creating a new Agenda
  • 1679 fixed ⇒ “Revoke Reminder” should only work on a manually selected invoices
  • 1683 fixed ⇒ Print “Supplément privé” on class 1P - PRIV invoices
  • 1685 fixed ⇒ Can't add a new allergy since release 2.04.X
  • 1686 fixed ⇒ Bad PracticeID stored if first eHealth ID entered wrong
  • 1693 fixed ⇒ DB error on updating to 2.04.01 on some GECAMed installations
  • 1699 fixed ⇒ Linux Update process fails
  • 1700 fixed ⇒ Detach invoice from TPP statement & the new ALL TPP statement

Release 2.04.01

Public release date: 16/11/2015

There have been blocking issues in the DB scripts with the updater and installer in version 2.04.00 which makes this new release necessary.

Also another annoying bug concerning the Windows service interface for starting and stopping JBoss manually has been fixed.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1269 fixed ⇒ JBoss Service Interface not working properly under Windows 7
  • 1675 fixed ⇒ Error while updating to Version 2.04.00 - can not be completed

Release 2.04.00 (FactMedLux)

Public release date: 12/11/2015
This release is deprecated and replaced by 2.04.01 (see above).

This is the first new public GECAMed release after a long period of time (nearly a year!). This is due to the fact that this release incorporates a lot of new features from different development projects. Most important, this is the first release of GECAMed that officially incorporates a fully integrated access to the myDSP service of the eSanté platform eSanté platform, recognizable on the myDSP logo on the login screen.

There have been a couple of non-public releases in the meanwhile, so if you want to see the list of new features jump directly to Release Notes 2.03.00. Otherwise read your way downwards this page to have a closer look at all tickets addressed since the last public release, 2.01.02.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 422 fixed ⇒ Impossible d'imprimer des relevés AAI
  • 440 fixed ⇒ GUI Redesign Admin Adress Import Module
  • 1064 fixed ⇒ Billing entry fields don't notify a change
  • 1124 fixed ⇒ Manuelle Veränderung des Tarifsbetrags mit vorgegebenen %-Werten
  • 1125 fixed ⇒ Mehr Felder bei der Anzeige der in der Suche gefundenen Rechnungen
  • 1238 fixed ⇒ Code UCM (Facturation) never used
  • 1289 fixed ⇒ Can't print some invoice lists
  • 1381 fixed ⇒ Revoking an invoice ignores the explicitly set expiry date
  • 1445 fixed ⇒ Improve manual date entry in invoices
  • 1458 fixed ⇒ Automatic disconnection on card removal fails after viewing a document
  • 1492 fixed ⇒ 7A21 - 7A24 not reduced like other technical tariffs
  • 1504 fixed ⇒ Changes in F-Tariffs around 2011
  • 1523 fixed ⇒ Revoked invoices remain in state “paid”
  • 1566 won't fixed ⇒ Option to word-wrap tariff labels on printed invoices
  • 1567 fixed ⇒ Allow the entry of past vaccination events in the “Carnet de vaccination”
  • 1577 fixed ⇒ Ärtztenamen in den Aufstellungen anzeigen
  • 1579 fixed ⇒ Verbesserung der Abfrage zur doppelten SVN
  • 1580 fixed ⇒ Quittungsvermerk bei Rechnungen
  • 1584, 1625 fixed ⇒ Non comulable 8E13 & 8E09
  • 1585 fixed ⇒ Apply RCAM 15% supplement immediately
  • 1586 fixed ⇒ Change invoice class 1C → 2 on TPP listing
  • 1587 fixed ⇒ Set TPP of the 1P split invoice to original insurer
  • 1588 fixed ⇒ Re-print reminders without impacting the workflow
  • 1596 fixed ⇒ Create and change luxemburgish ZIP codes
  • 1595 to be tested ⇒ Enter dates with a fix entry mask
  • 1603 fixed ⇒ User readable error message for upload rigts error
  • 1616 fixed ⇒ Small GUI inconsistencies in the Hospitalisation Calculator
  • 1617 fixed ⇒ “Add Tariff” dialog cashes deleted key value
  • 1620 fixed ⇒ Error when deleting a key value
  • 1621 fixed ⇒ Double rate creation causes java error, but no GUI warning
  • 1622 fixed ⇒ Erfassung eines neuen Tarifes AG22 funktioniert nicht richtig
  • 1623 fixed ⇒ Gender code change in XDS metadata
  • 1624 won't fixed ⇒ Falsche Regelanwendung bei 8V95 + 2L41
  • 1629 fixed ⇒ Unfallnummer und -Datum ausblenden wenn Checkbox deaktiviert
  • 1630 fixed ⇒ 1st class invoices increased twice by 66% in new GECAMed Release 2.03.X
  • 1634 fixed ⇒ Only the author is authorized to replace a document
  • 1638 fixed ⇒ Launch icon disappears
  • 1639 fixed ⇒ Non-Luxtrust login doesn't work properly
  • 1641 fixed ⇒ Remove bulk download function
  • 1642 fixed ⇒ AUTHO-20: remove presence passwort immediately after authorization request
  • 1643 fixed ⇒ AUTHO-40: Handling of expired user tokens
  • 1644 fixed ⇒ Option to generate WSDL logs (or not)
  • 1645 fixed ⇒ Docm-110: Download only documents with PDF content
  • 1648 fixed ⇒ Quelques non-conformités à corriger
  • 1649 fixed ⇒ Remove non-Luxtrust eSanté-login
  • 1656 fixed ⇒ Clear the eHealth ID when opening the eHealth ID dialog
  • 1657 fixed ⇒ Confirm legal terms before using the DSP for the first time
  • 1661 fixed ⇒ Add tariff 5A25
  • 1663 fixed ⇒ Encore quelques non-conformités à corriger (+ questions)
  • 1664 fixed ⇒ Display Expiration Message has been set to false
  • 541 fixed ⇒ Several GUI problems when changing Key Values

Release 2.03.01

Pre-release date: 12/8/2015

There was one serious blocking bug in the last release (#1592) that has been fixed urgently, and a few more bug fixes and enhancements, but nothing of dramatic effect.

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1589 fixed ⇒ Print TTP listings whenever you want
  • 1592 fixed ⇒ Nomenclature tab in the administration module shows blank
  • 1593 fixed ⇒ Liste der erbrachten Leistungen immer leer
  • 1594 fixed ⇒ Zahlungsoperationen für falsche Rechnung angezeigt

Release 2.03.00

Pre-release date: 30/7/2015

This is a minor release with, nevertheless, a huge number of new features. GECAMed's already very powerful billing system has been largely upgraded to meet the special requirements of all medical doctors in Luxemburg, generalists, specialists and, to a larger degree, also dentists. Even the rather complex invoicing for Anesthetics is now covered in full. Moreover, GECAMed's Agenda can now handle on-line booking from the Doctena platform ( Here are the details: FR, DE

And last but not least: the access to the luxemburgish national “dossier de soins partagé” (DSP, service MyDSP) has been activated in GECAMed.

For more information, read below and follow the links into the corresponding sections of the user manual.

Billing System

The new features and enhancements of the GECAMed billing system are:

  • Handling of any number of key value and tariff changes over time. In previous versions this was limited to only two values (current and last value). As invoices are 2 years retroactively reimbursable, two values were often not enough. The management of key values and tariffs is now capable of handling a complete historical record of changes. See here for more details.
  • New option to enter the prescribing physician for every tariff and print its CNS code in the MED.PRES column of the invoice.
  • An additional 'Info' entry field to enter complementary information for each tariff, and to print it in the LIBELLE column of the invoice.
  • FDI Enumeration of treated teeth for dentists
  • Indication of laterality for radiology tariffs
  • Any other information that might be useful / required by the CNS
  • An additional '%' entry field to allow for a manual adjustment of tariffs.
  • Identification of the GECAMed user who has entered a tariff.

See here for more details.

  • The amount for automatic third party payment mode switching of invoices is now configurable.
  • The hospitalization calculator that generates the F-tariffs can now handle all medical specialties. Before it was limited to generalists and a small subset of specialists. It also handles the new 3-digit F-codes (Like F201 and F611) for Sundays and holidays. See the User manual for more details.

  • Suspension of certain CNS rules (like cumulation of technical tariffs) for insurance regimes like RCAM.
  • Automatic calculation of suffixes V and E for anesthetic and endoscopic tariffs on children and elderly patients.

  • New option to make the handling of cumulation of technical tariffs during the first two days of hospitalization more flexible (three choices: standard CNS rules - unlimited cumulation when combined with a an F-tariff - unlimited cumulation).
  • Introduction of “sessions” (also called “champ opératoire”) that limit the effects of CNS rules (like cumulation of technical tariffs) to a group of tariffs at the same date and hour. There can be more than one session per day.
  • Configurable threshold amount for automatic Third Party Payer switching.
  • Different print templates for payment orders, depending on the patient's address (arrondissement juridique).
  • CNS special rules for the use and combination of technical tariffs now cover all medical specialties, and in particular the following chapters and sections of part 2 in the “Livre Bleu” (
    • Chapitre 1 – Spécialités non-chirurgicales
      • Section 1 – Médecine générale (tarifs 1M*)
      • Section 2 – Internistes (tarifs 1S*)
      • Section 4 – Pneumologie (tarifs 1P*)
      • Section 5 – Neurologie & psychologie (tarifs 1N*)
    • Chapitre 2 – Chirurgie (tarifs 2*)
    • Chapitre 3 – ORL (tarifs 3*)
    • Chapitre 5 – Urologie (tarifs 5*)
    • Chapitre 7 – Anesthésie - Réanimation (tarifs 7*)


GECAMed's Agenda integrates now direct access to the Doctena on-line booking system. After the subscriber(s) having declared time slots for appointments in Doctena and configured GECAMed accordingly, GECAMed connects in regular intervals to the Doctena FTP server and synchronizes his agenda with appointment requests from Doctena. It also tells Doctena which time slots have been booked in the Agenda by the doctor himself, so that those slots are no longer available for requests via Doctena. Consult the user manual for more detailed information: Doctena Sync

eSanté MyDSP Access

GECAMed features now a fully integrated access to the eSanté Agency's MyDSP service for professionals. DSP is short for “dossier de soins partagé”, and is a collaborative tool for medical professionals to access a patient's health record, while it is still directly controlled by the patient himself. See the MyDSP Chapter of the User manual for all the details.

Doctors who have received their DSP access kit (Luxtrust card, card reader, etc.) should call the eSanté Helpdesk to activate their myDSP access:

Tél.: +352 27 12 50 18 33
email :

After that you should contact the GECAMed team so that we can help you to configure GECAMed for a fully integrated DSP access.

Tél.: +352 275 888-1
email :

List of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 687 fixed ⇒ Facturation anesthésie
  • 1066 fixed ⇒ Changing hospitalization class from 2 to 1 does not update amounts
  • 1132 fixed ⇒ File backup not done and old backups not deleted
  • 1222 fixed ⇒ Apply the CNS billing rules only to tarifs from certain catalogs
  • 1247 fixed ⇒ Replace “UCM” by “CNS” everywhere (application + manual)
  • 1279 fixed ⇒ Don't allow more than one C-code at the same day in an invoice
  • 1307 fixed ⇒ Wrong values for Suffix L in Invoices
  • 1407 fixed ⇒ Satisfy legel requirement “autodétermination du patient”
  • 1418, 1312 fixed ⇒ Can't delete appointments in the 1 and 3 day views of the agenda
  • 1423 fixed ⇒ Option to hide epSOS button
  • 1430 fixed ⇒ Apply Rules clears third party payer field
  • 1446 fixed ⇒ Practice closed entries disappear when a different calendar is selected
  • 1450 fixed ⇒ Problems with “Complementary information” panel
  • 1455 fixed ⇒ Configruable threshold for tiers payant (TP) on hospital bills
  • 1456 fixed ⇒ Multiple sessions within the same day on an invoice
  • 1457 fixed ⇒ Document upload not working under Java 8
  • 1459 fixed ⇒ Complete historisation of key values
  • 1461 fixed ⇒ Prescribing physician on the invoice
  • 1464 fixed ⇒ Increase capacities of hospital tariff calculator
  • 1465 fixed ⇒ Suspension of cumulation rule for ceratin insurances
  • 1466 fixed ⇒ Suffixes V and E for endoscopie on young and elderly patients
  • 1469 fixed ⇒ Different print models for payment order
  • 1472 fixed ⇒ Cumulability of extra-hospital visits with technical acts
  • 1473 fixed ⇒ C30 - C42 not to be cumulated with technical CAC tarifs
  • 1481 fixed ⇒ 1/1/2015 CNS tariff changes
  • 1482 fixed ⇒ Missing CNS tariffs
  • 1487 fixed ⇒ JBoss unter Mac OSX per Kommando neustarten
  • 1488 fixed ⇒ Manuelles Wartesaal-Refresh auf den aktuellen GECAMed Client begrenzen
  • 1489 fixed ⇒ Error when trying to import a deleted appointment into the waiting room
  • 1494 fixed ⇒ Unlimited cumulation of acts for more than the 1st two hospital days
  • 1503 fixed ⇒ 15% RCAM supplement not granted for 1st class hospital tariffs
  • 1510 fixed ⇒ Option to print CNS code of treating physician on the invoice
  • 1511 fixed ⇒ Enhancment of backup scripts
  • 1518 fixed ⇒ Improve the Invoive ID as search field
  • 1524 fixed ⇒ Due date not recalculated when printing invoice
  • 1546 fixed ⇒ Set AAI as primary insurance company and TPP
  • 1557 fixed ⇒ AAA , AAI , AAG, Accident scolaire
  • 1560 fixed ⇒ Rule engine shouldn't set tariff time automatically to 12h00
  • 1562 fixed ⇒ New role “Patient Administrator” with permission “Delete Patient”
  • 1563 fixed ⇒ Krankenkassen und Drittzahlende Versicherungen

Release 2.01.02

Public release date: 24/11/2014

This is a minor GECAMed Bug Fix Release.

Since pre-releaseing GECAMed 2.01.00 a few days ago, some more Problems with Java 8 and Mac OSX 10 (Yosemite) have been detected and fixed. In one case we could only provide a viable workaround (#1433). Therefore this public Release contains only a few bug fixes, but as the last public release (2.00.06) goes back to 03/07/2014, the total number of changes and fixes since the last public release is much larger. See the release notes for 2.01.00 and 2.00.08 below.

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1043 fixed ⇒ Address book should display all phone/fax/email etc content for selected address
  • 1393, 1337 fixed ⇒ Placeholder replacement not working in Java 8
  • 1433 workaround ⇒ Problem to open attached files and create letters on Mac OSX clients
  • 1439 fixed ⇒ GECAMed server doesn't start anymore after installing Java 8 on Mac OS
  • 1440 fixed ⇒ GECAMed server doesn't start automatically on Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite
  • 1449 fixed ⇒ JavaScript error in the form-editor with Java 8
  • 1270 fixed ⇒ Special characters corrupted in file names during export

Release 2.01.00

Public release date: never
Pre-release date: 6/11/2014

This is a minor GECAMed Release.

This is the first GECAMed release that runs with the Java 8 run time environment (JRE), which is necessary to run all Java programs like GECAMed. It was publically released in October 2014 as Java 8 update 25 (jre_8u25). However, we still provide downward compatibility to Java 7 (jre_7u71/72), so you don't have to upgrade to Java 8 to run the new GECAMed version.

The latest Mac OSX 10 version (Yosemite), released in October 2014, is also supportet by this GECAMed release, and also the new Java 8 on Mac OSX in general.

On the functional side, there are a couple of important bug fixes:

  • The Contact Addresses (addressbook) are working again.
  • There were a few problems with the selection of luxemburgish addresses (ZIP codes),which have been fixed.
  • The Windows installer is again able to create directories without asking the user for confirmation.

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 938 fixed ⇒ Improvement of patient status information handling
  • 1309 fixed ⇒ Koeffizientenänderung in Tarifen für Kinderärzte (E8 - E19)
  • 1321 fixed ⇒ Missing myDSP action if patient is newly created
  • 1037 fixed ⇒ Reactivate automatic patient update from hospital
  • 1399,1400 fixed ⇒ Cannot create new Letter (NullPointerException)
  • 1402 fixed ⇒ Bad format of sickleave dates
  • 1403 fixed ⇒ [PAT_HISTORY_ALL_SICKLEAVES] don't work as expected
  • 1410 fixed ⇒ Override WSDL default templates with newer, up-to-date versions
  • 1412 fixed ⇒ Albania selected as default country in patient address
  • 1413 fixed ⇒ Key value update for 1/3/2014 to be included in DB patches
  • 1414 fixed ⇒ Windows Installer can't create directory c:/gecamed
  • 1415 fixed ⇒ Document upload fails with GlobalSchematronValidationError
  • 1417 (1386,1389) fixed ⇒ Kann keinen neuen Kontakt erstellen
  • 1419 fixed ⇒ Treating Physician not saved for new patients
  • 1420 fixed ⇒ Tooltip missing on epSOS button
  • 1421 fixed ⇒ Layout broken when starting in fullscreen mode
  • 1422 fixed ⇒ Typo in “Warning: possible data loss” dialog
  • 1426 fixed ⇒ Simplify entering of tariff suffixes
  • 1427 fixed ⇒ Weird patient button behaviour

Release 2.00.08

Public release date: never
Pre-release date: 28/08/2014

This is a minor GECAMed bug fix Release.

Since launching GECAMed 2.00.6 on 4/7/2014 a couple of bugs and improvement sugestions have been reported, which we adress with this minor release. The most important changes are:

  • The broken Adressbook has been fixed (couldn'd creat or modify contacts anymore)
  • A few users reported trouble with letter generation in the last release - that should work again
  • Improvement of the matching between 11- and 13-digit matriculs when creating a new patient
  • Again some fixes in the automatic completion of Lux. address entry - hopefully the last ones (but who am I kidding?)

See below for the complete list of track issues.

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 605 fixed ⇒ Kopieren von Patientenadresse
  • 606 fixed ⇒ Patientenadresse eingeben
  • 905 fixed ⇒ 2 hour time lag between agenda entries on two different clients
  • 1103 fixed ⇒ Confusion with which editor to open an attached file
  • 1361 fixed ⇒ soap.x field names not translated in [PAT_HISTORY_*] placeholders
  • 1371 fixed ⇒ NullPointer while translating consultation entries for new letters
  • 1372 fixed ⇒ Order street names alphabetically and set ZIP code if unique
  • 1376 fixed ⇒ Problem opening and choosing OpenOffice path
  • 1377 fixed ⇒ Can't modify a letter after its creation
  • 1379 fixed ⇒ Cannot load iReport template for form template
  • 1380 fixed ⇒ Form editor component unknown in script
  • 1382 fixed ⇒ Office address is not printed on invoice, if splitt billing option is off
  • 1386, 1389, fixed ⇒ changement carnet d'adresse médecin / Kann keinen neuen Kontakt erstellen
  • 1387 fixed ⇒ Falsche Anrede bei männlichen Patienten
  • 1388 fixed ⇒ Erkennen von identischen Patienten mit 11- und 13-stelligen Matrikeln
  • 1390 fixed ⇒ Wrong patients' addresses displayed although correct address recorded
  • 1391 fixed ⇒ Third party payer = UCM and not set if marked as obsolete

Release 2.00.06

Public release date: 03/07/2014

This is the second major GECAMed Release.

It has a lot of new features and quite some bug fixes.
And a new GECAMed Logo, to mark the occasion!

The most important changes are:

  • 13-digit social security number (SSN) with verification.

Both the old (11-digit) and new (13-digit) format are supported. Different colors indicate the state of correctness of the SSN: red = not OK, yellow = OK 11 digits, green = OK 13 digits. Automatic completion from 11 to 13 digits is also provided. See more details in the user manual.

  • Security blockages due to increased Java security checking are gone, because the GECAMed code is now signed with a bona fide Luxtrust object certificate.
  • Up to 7 configurable text entry fields and a new sick leave field in the consultation view (before: 4 fix S.O.A.P. fields). All text and code fields have now autocompleter support. The autocompleter can be used in the code fields to define e.g. code tables like ICD-10. Click on the picture to enlarge. For more details see the user manual.

  • The order of appearance of entry fields in the “Important Data” panels can now be congfigured.
  • New placeholders for letter generation concerning consultation history and appointments have been added. See here for the complete list of available placeholders.
  • For pediatricians: The name of young patients from 0 to 4 years is now displayed in weeks and months. See patient names.
  • Better allover stability of the GECAMed server.

And last but not least:

  • We are pleased to present our new GECAMed support partner Lineheart S.à.r.l., who is able to provides customer-tailored premium added-value services around the GECAMed platform:


Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 543, 544 fixed ⇒ Consultation templates with code support
  • 1193 fixed ⇒ Use the autocompleter for ICD10 and other codes
  • 1108 fixed ⇒ Customizable entry field groups in the consultation view
  • 1180 fixed ⇒ Replace bank name with label (if exists) in invoice lists
  • 1227 fixed ⇒ Search Appointment function broken
  • 1228 fixed ⇒ Uncaught error when entering a very long patient name
  • 1237 fixed ⇒ Show bank account description in billing overview of patient
  • 1242 fixed ⇒ Newly added calendar not available for appointment creation
  • 1253 fixed ⇒ Linux installer 1.5.00 funktioniert nicht
  • 1259 fixed ⇒ Reimbursement not possible
  • 1261 fixed ⇒ Empty prescription printed with 'null' instead of no date
  • 1263 fixed ⇒ Order list for selecting current physician by last name
  • 1276 fixed ⇒ Can't reimport patients with attached files
  • 1277 fixed ⇒ Incident entry codes not imported
  • 1294 fixed ⇒ Cannot create a new Agenda
  • 1299 fixed ⇒ Script Fehler im Impfpass-Formular
  • 1300 fixed ⇒ Probleme beim Löschen einer Ziffer bei 13-stellige Matrikel
  • 1306 fixed ⇒ Time period setting for list view in agenda not loaded at startup
  • 1308 fixed ⇒ Altersangabe bei Kindern < 4 Jahren
  • 1317 fixed ⇒ Duplicate calender shown after editing an existing one
  • 1319 fixed ⇒ Move ZIP file into IMPORTED folder after successfull import
  • 1320 fixed ⇒ Syntax error during import of some patients
  • 1322 fixed ⇒ Dialog window placed outside user's reach blocks client completely
  • 1324 fixed ⇒ Letter status labels cut at the end after saving global settings
  • 1328 fixed ⇒ Selecting appointment entry is very slow if calendar is unchecked
  • 1329 fixed ⇒ Error while fetching NaiontalHoliday
  • 1334 fixed ⇒ NAF won't suggest time slots that fit very tightly within constraints
  • 1344 fixed ⇒ Loading imported patient fails
  • 1345 fixed ⇒ Java error when creating a vaccination entry in the Formeditor
  • 1347 fixed ⇒ Can't create a “practice closed” entry in the calendar
  • 1351 fixed ⇒ Invoices do not appear in reminders due to bad default insurance ID
  • 1354 fixed ⇒ Define print format of physician's name in settings
  • 1358 fixed ⇒ Report execution fails if description string too long

Release 1.5.00

Public release date: 25/9/2013

GECAMed is now running on Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 975 fixed ⇒ Textfeld Chronische Behandlung speichert sporadisch keine Einträge
  • 1127 fixed ⇒ Can't save prescription if current physician's specialty > than 100 characters
  • 1190 fixed ⇒ Patient no longer found in search after updating some fields
  • 1223 fixed ⇒ Installation fails on Mac OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • 1225 fixed ⇒ Kalender Farbe immer weiß im Menü und bei Abbrechen wird sie übernommen
  • 1246 fixed ⇒ Error if prescription template contains undefined placeholders
  • 1248 fixed ⇒ Client does not start due to bad locale specification in
  • 1257 fixed ⇒ Cannot stop JBoss service on Windows

Release 1.4.01

Public release date: never
Pre-release date: 18/7/2013

Mainly bug some improvements in the logging system and a few bug fixes.

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 1219 fixed ⇒ Labo Module cannot decrypt some results
  • 1220 fixed ⇒ Improvements in the logging
  • 1221 fixed ⇒ Old postgres driver cause trouble when querying renamed tables

Release 1.4

Public release date: never
Pre-release date: 10/7/2013 (Maisons Médicales)

New Labo Web site added: ResMed

A quick access to the result Website of the “Laboratoires des Forges du Sud”, called MedRes, has been added in GECAMed. As space in the function bar becomes scarce, all calls to the Luxemburgish laboratory Web sites have been regrouped under a common Lab button, which then dispatches to the 3 individual lab Web sites:

New export and print functions for patient records

GECAMed comes now equipped with an export function for medical patient records. In the Patient Search module there is a new tab called “Patienten Exportieren”. It can be used to search for a list of patients to be exported. Alternatively single patients can be picked from the normal search result list and added to the export list (function “Patienten in die Exportliste aufnehmen” in the context menu on any visible patient line).

There are several search criteria that are all combined with a logic AND , e.g. all patients that have been treated within a given period AND by a certain physician. Or all patiens of a given physician. Hit the search button (magnifying glass) to start the search.

In the result zone of the “Patienten Exportieren” tab the candidates for exporting are shown. You have to manually check the ones you really want to export. Only the checked patients will be exported.

Then hit the export button (diskette right to the Search button) to start the export dialog. Here you can specify what types of data are to be exported, and in which format (RTF, PDF, HTML, XML). The “Alles auswählen” check box allows to quickly select all types of data for exporting.

Not all combinations of type and format are actually possible. E.g. invoices can only be exported as XML, but not in a print format (RTF, PDF, HTML). You can directly open the export file with the apropriate viewer for the chosen format:

  • RTF → MS-Word or Open/Libre office
  • PDF → Acrobat Reader
  • HTML → Any Web browser or HTML viewer
  • XML → Web Browser or text editor of your choice

Here is an example how the PDF formated of a small medical record will look like.

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 978 fixed ⇒ DICOM CD lässt sich nicht korrekt in GECAMed laden
  • 1199 fixed ⇒ Add a read-only GECAMed Patient-ID field
  • 1202 fixed ⇒ X-tarifs for group 8E (echographie) always set to 0,0
  • 1207 fixed ⇒ New Appointment Finder (NAF) blocks GECAMed
  • 1209 fixed ⇒ Deleting wrong patient

Release 1.3.03

Public release date: 12/6/2013

Pre-release date: 23/5/2013 (GCHK)

Changes in the HealthNet's root certificate (Labo service)

This release was done mainly because of changes in the HealthNet Labo service root certificate, outside of GECAMed. GECAMed's Labo module downloads and decrypts lab results that have been deposited on the HealthNet Labo service. For that each doctor has his own private key. In order for that key to work properly, it must be signed by the HealtNet's root certificate. Due to organizational changes, the HealthNet's root certificate has changed in early 2013. In GECAMed, the HealthNet's root certificate was built-in, and could therefore not be renewed. This means that newly created private keys for doctors could no longer be validated and used in GECAMed.

Now a new mechanism has been put into place where all root certificates (public key) for the Labo service are deposited in a keychain on the Labo server itself, where they can be downloaded from all applications using the Labo service.

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 672 fixed ⇒ Falsche Tarifberechnung für V7 um 1h00
  • 1057 fixed ⇒ Falsches Datum bei kurz nach Mitternacht erstellten Rechnungen
  • 1194 fixed ⇒ Error saving patients birthdate
  • 1196 fixed ⇒ New physician and Labo Certificates no longer accepted

Release 1.3.02

Public release date: never

Pre-release date: 28/3/2013 (GCHK, MM)

This is a minor patch release, with a couple of improvements and bug fixes, a lot of them asked for bei the GCHK (GECAMed Cardio project). Included is also the first part of the Patient Export function asked for by the Maisons Médicals.

New Patient Export Function

A Patient Export function has been added. There is now a Patient Selection List in the Patient Search, from which an XML export can be started. This XML format can be reinported in a differnt GECAMed installation. All patient medical and administrative data can be exported. The old import format (Admin module, Import Patients tab) has been largely improved (and changed!!).

In a later release there will also be the possibility to generate print formats of complete patient records (PDF, HTML, RTF). The User Manual entry will be written when the export function is completed.

New Report Module

A report module has been added to GECAMed that allows a privileged user to create and run his own SQL database queries. The results of such a query are displayed in a table and can be cut & pasted or exportet to a CSV file.

2 new roles: Use reports, Create and use reports.

Other Functional novelties are:

  • Use of placeholders in the prescription templates, same as letter placeholders → 1160
  • New options to force capital and upper case writing for patient names → 1158
  • More robust and fast patient name search through ignoring accents → 1168
  • Bigger font in prescription templates - 10pt instead 8pt → 779 / 1033
  • User defined status property for letters → 1144
  • Option to remind rule application when saving invoices → 1119
  • Option to confirm when saving invoices with CNS and non-conventionnel tariffs → 1123
  • The admin can now manage insurance companies → 833

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 626 fixed ⇒ Patient image not shown until changes saved
  • 779 / 1033 fixed ⇒ Text in prescription template too small
  • 806 fixed ⇒ Adressenerfassung: “Perl” wird von “Perlé” überschrieben
  • 883 fixed ⇒ Einpflegen einer neuen Krankenkasse in GECAMed
  • 1019 fixed ⇒ Labo result not loaded
  • 1026 fixed ⇒ 'nul' hospitalization code in invoice printout (Maisons Médicales)
  • 1068 fixed ⇒ Display status icons for invoice search results
  • 1069 fixed ⇒ Add a physician column to all “Overdue Notices” tabs
  • 1021 fixed ⇒ Tarifreduktion “R” bei Rechnungen mit nicht-CNS-affiliierten Kassen aussetzen
  • 1023 fixed ⇒ Verwendung von privaten Tarifen auf einer CNS Rechnung
  • 1073 fixed ⇒ 6A11N / 6A11F → 6A21
  • 1073 fixed ⇒ Include CNS tarifs Chapter 4 Sections 1 & 3 to the hospitalization Calculator
  • 1096 fixed ⇒ Invoice search results loaded even when search aborted
  • 1105 fixed ⇒ Minimum coefficient for suffixes “P” and “A”
  • 1119 fixed ⇒ Bestätigung beim Speichern von Rechnungen ohne Regelanwendung
  • 1123 fixed ⇒ Verwendung von privaten Tarifen auf einer CNS Rechnung
  • 1130 fixed ⇒ Bad cumulation possible for F22 and 1C11 (both at 24,40) after day 2 of
  • 1133 fixed ⇒ Alternative label for bank accounts as payment method
  • 1134 fixed ⇒ Increase column width of label in key value list
  • 1136 fixed ⇒ Show treating physician in the patient search list
  • 1139 fixed ⇒ Mehrere anzuhängende Dateien unter einem Incident zusammenfassen
  • 1144 fixed ⇒ Benutzer-definierter Status für Briefe
  • 1145 fixed ⇒ Generated letters to be included in an existing incident
  • 1147 fixed ⇒ Reorganisation von angehängten Dokumenten und Briefen
  • 1149 fixed ⇒ Can't delete a measurement group in the history
  • 1158 fixed ⇒ Option zur Grosschreibung von Familien- und Geburtsnamen
  • 1160 fixed ⇒ Placeholders in prescription templates
  • 1161 fixed ⇒ Data loss in active problems and chronical treatments when two users work in parallel
  • 1168 fixed ⇒ Problem while searching a patient with accents on Mac
  • 1169 fixed ⇒ Undeleted invoices printed with “null” hospitalization code
  • 1170 fixed ⇒ Adressenerfassung: Luxemburgische Adresse könnten machmal nicht komplettiert werden
  • 1176, 1177 fixed ⇒ User without the proper roles can execute reports
  • 1178 fixed ⇒ Hospitalisation period calculator and hospitalisation rules doesn't work correctly
  • 1179 fixed ⇒ Appointment list view can't be printed if holiday-appointments in the view

Release 1.2.07

Public release date: never

Pre-release date: 22/1/2013 (GCHK)

Itegration of non-TWAIN-compliant scanners and on MAC OSX

There is a new method to integrate scanners without the need for a TWAIN-compatible driver. This also allows for scanner integration on MAC OSX, for which the TWAIN-SANE driver integration of GECAMed did never work. The new scan method requires a little configuration in GECAMed on every computer where it's used, but is actually quite easy.

See the User Manual for more details.

Support for the Paperwork of the Médecin Référent

GECAMed has been equipped to deal with the paperwork for the “Médecin Référent”, MR for short. This was done by the following measures:

  • Two letter templates for paperwork of the médecin référent, resume_patient_adulte_v6_111222_gecam1.doc and resume_patient_pediatrique_v6_w111222_gecam1.doc, have been prepared and can be downloaded from our add-on pages.
  • The letter module has been largely revised to deal with new placeholders, needed in the MR templates (see below).
  • Two new tariffs, MR01 and MR02, have been added to the CNS tariff catalogue.
  • The MR contract number for the patient can be entered in GECAMed (panel “PatientIDInfo”). You may have to activate the corresponding data entry panel first (see picture below).

See also the User Manual for more information on that subject.

In the add-on download section we have also prepared step-by-step instructions on how to import the templates into the letter module.

Major Overhaul of the Letter Generation Mechanism

The letter genearation mechanism has been completely revised. To recall: in GECAMed you can generate letters based on so called letter templates, which are simply text documents (Word, Open Office/Libre Office) that contain placeholders, such as “PATIENT” and “PHYSICIAN”. During letter generation the placeholders are replaced by real values from the context of the letter generation (current patient, current physician). In previous versions there was a small, built-in set of 45 placeholders, which turned out to be largely insufficient in respect with real needs. Also, placeholders were difficult to recognize as such and could easily be confounded with the surrounding plain letter text.

The new system has several major improvements that will make letter generation much more powerfull and flexible.

  • In addition to plain text zones, placeholder are now also replaced in headers, footers, textboxes, tables and the like.
  • The number of placeholders has been significantly increased to about 110 (vs. 45 old), to better fit real-world needs. They are organized in 16 groups and subgroups. See this section of the User Manual to download the list with all the new placeholders.
  • Placeholders are easier to read and distinguish from the rest of the text, by means of braces and underscore seperators ([OFFICE_ALL_PHONE_AND_EMAIL], [PHYS_FULL_ADDRESS_SINGLE_LINE]).
  • Placeholders are no longer code-crafted into the GECAMed kernel, but are now externally defined in a new database table called letter.placeholders. All aspects of a placeholder can be changed (name, type, tool-tip comment), and its semantics is defined by customizable Java Script. This allows for easier modification of existing placeholders, or the creation of new ones, by updating the database.

Right now the management of placeholders still requires an expert, and there is no GUI defined for placeholder management in the GECAMed client. If you would like to have a new placeholder added, we suggest to create a new ticket in our Track System (Create new ticket).

Old templates with the old placeholders can still be used, but new templates will always use the new mechanism. GECAMed distinguishes between old and new templates and represents them with different icons. The old-style ones have a spiderweb in the icon.

Old- and new-style letter templates

Old- and new-style placeholders can't be mixed in the same template. There is a conversion function that the user can call calle on old-style templates to change them automatically from old to new. To do so, run the conversion function on every old-style template you want to have migrated.

See ticket 1076 for all the details.

New Appointment Finder (NAF)

The New Appointment Finder was not working well in the past, and got even worse with the Agenda changes in previous releases. This is now all fixed and cleaned up. It should now work as expected, namely looking for free time slots of a given size in a doctors agenda. The following time slots are considered as unavailable and no longer suggested by the NAF:

  • time outside the doctor's regular working time
  • holidays as defined by the holiday calender
  • office closed time
  • slots occupied by a doctor's regular appointments
  • slots occupied by a doctor's unavailable entries

The suggested appointment entry has been made visually distinct from existing appointments, so that it is easier to spot. The NAF dialog has been redesigned to be more intuitive to use, mainly when going forward and backward in time to seek for vacant slots (see below).

Calling the Cyberlab test result pages of Ketterthill

There is a new function button called Cyberlab LKT in the navigation bar of the Patient module:

Clicking on this button opens the Cyberlab LKT dialog. At the first connection the doctor needs to enter the login and password that he has received from Ketterthill. To subscribe to Ketterthill's Cyberlab service go to their inscription page at Only if the doctor uses his own GECAMed user he can enter, read and change his Cyberlab login and password. Users that have the “change Physician” privilege, e.g. secretaries who work for the doctor, can still have access to the doctor's lab results, but they can't copy, alter or delete the password.

Notice that you have to activate a chekbox in order to have your Cyberlab login information (login, password) saved, otherwise you need to enter it again at the next GECAMed connection. Deactivating the checkbox clears the login info in GECAMed. The same mechanisme has also been implemented for the MedLogin call from Laboratoires Réunis.

Clicking “OK” gives immediate access to the doctor's consultation Web page at Cyberlab LKT. This opens the standard Webbrowser, goes to Ketterthills cyberlab page, logs in the doctor and displays the result history of the selected patient, as identified by the patient's matricule. If the patient is unknown by Cyberlab, the following message is displayed:

The matricule is mandatory in a Cyberlab request, and lacking patient identification will result in a rejection of the request. The user can also enter the patient's matricule directly before sending it to Cyberlab.

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 289 fixed ⇒ New Appointment Finder (NAV) puts 5min break between two propositions
  • 335 fixed ⇒ Pay invoices everywhere
  • 409 fixed ⇒ No warning about existing agenda entries when deleting an entire agenda
  • 432 fixed ⇒ Various points about the letter template management
  • 530 fixed ⇒ Datenverlust beim Schliessen von GECAMed
  • 553 fixed ⇒ MS-Word öffnet sich HINTER dem GECAMed-Client, anstatt DAVOR
  • 554 fixed ⇒ Ersetzen von Briefvorlagen-Variablen in Textboxen
  • 643 fixed ⇒ Null Pointer exception when trying to save a letter
  • 710 fixed ⇒ More shortcuts needed for billing templates in Patient module
  • 767 fixed ⇒ Geburtsdatum des Patienten in Briefvorlagen
  • 773 fixed ⇒ Antezedenz-Info mit Formatierungscodes in Briefen
  • 816 fixed ⇒ “measurment 1,2,3” in letter instead of the user defined labels
  • 873 fixed ⇒ Improvements for “New Appointment Finder” (NAF)
  • 926 fixed ⇒ Letter template filter does not stay in place
  • 957 fixed ⇒ Display inconsistencies when changing the agenda of an entry
  • 959 fixed ⇒ Changing physician after copy-paste does strange things
  • 966 fixed ⇒ Lot of ERROR messages in log file after installing 1.2.01
  • 974 fixed ⇒ 'Termin Suchen' Funktion ignoriert 'Praxis geschlossen' Einträge
  • 987 fixed ⇒ Antezedenz-Einträge tauchen nach Bearbeitung mehrfach auf
  • 990 fixed ⇒ Textfield allows more characters than the database column
  • 991 fixed ⇒ Visuelle Überbleibsel von Kalender-Einträgen nach Löschen eines Kalenders
  • 1000 fixed ⇒ Übersicht über Patientenbesuche
  • 1001 fixed ⇒ Missing database script in Updater causes Agendas to disappear
  • 1002 fixed ⇒ GECAMED startet nach upgrade auf 1.2.04 nicht mehr
  • 1003 fixed ⇒ Integration of a “Cyberlab LKT” link in Patient module
  • 1004 fixed ⇒ Nicht ausgedruckte Rechnung wird nach Begleichen als “Copie conforme” gedruckt
  • 1012 fixed ⇒ Generierter Dosierungsstring nicht mit Leerzeilen einfügen
  • 1114 fixed ⇒ Hide private invoice template shortcuts in the patient module
  • 1016 fixed ⇒ Minor NAF glitches - leftovers from #873
  • 1051 fixed ⇒ Permissions not translated
  • Tool tip for invoice status not translated (InvoiceRenderer.VER)
  • 1055 fixed ⇒ Dialog Window “Browse Acts” cant be closed with “X”
  • 1060 fixed ⇒ Verwirrender Dialogtext beim Anlegen einer zweiten Rechnung
  • 1061 fixed ⇒ “,” statt “.” bei direkter Betragseingabe (Eingabemaske)
  • 1062 = 1090 fixed ⇒ Special characters corruptet during VCARD import on Mac OSX 10.7.3
  • 1065 fixed ⇒ Bank accounts not readable in “Invoice Search” dialog
  • 1066 fixed ⇒ Error when saving a patient with a matricule starting with a blank
  • 1067 fixed ⇒ Database error when trying to save a very long matricule
  • 1075 fixed ⇒ C14 and other specialist consultations not converted into C52, C53, C54
  • 1076 fixed ⇒ Major overhaul of the parameter mechanism in the Letter Module
  • 1077 fixed ⇒ Paperwork for Médecin Référent in GECAMed
  • 1085 fixed ⇒ 6A41 - 6A55 cumulative with 6A11 - 6A23
  • 1090 fixed ⇒ AMMD contact list not usable on Mac OSX
  • 1095 fixed ⇒ Cannot print Ordonance de Paiement
  • 1101 fixed ⇒ New letter copy created when modifying existing letter
  • 1102 fixed ⇒ Java error when deleting a letter from the patient history
  • 1106 fixed ⇒ LASTCONSULTATION not correctly replaced in letters
  • 1109 fixed ⇒ Improvements in the print layout of the Patient History
  • 1118 fixed ⇒ Second use of a template + rule application results in acts at 00:00
  • 1120 fixed ⇒ Error when saving Patient after new consultation + prescription
  • 1126 fixed ⇒ Minor improvements of Hospitalization Calculator (GUI)
  • 1131 fixed ⇒ GECAMed cannot be closed

Release 1.2.04

Public release date: 5/7/2012

Pre-release date: 25/6/2012

This patch level release fixes a major bug in the database scripts which had an impact on the updater(1001), and also corrects the issue of wrong prescriptions for patients with void maticules (960). There are a couple more minor bug fixes. See below for the complete list.

Calling the MedLogin lab test result pages of the Laboratoires Réunis

There is a new function button called MedLogin in the navigation bar of the Patient module:

Clicking on this button opens the MedLogin settings dialog. At the first connection the doctor needs to enter the 50 character token he can generate on after having subscribed and received his login from the Laboratoires Réunis. See the documentaion in french and in german on how to do so. The doctor's login, which consists of the first six digits of his personnal UCM-code, is already known to GECAMed (only the personal UCM-code counts, not the one used for billing, see Ärzteverwaltung). Only if the doctor is connected using his own GECAMed user he can enter, read and change his token. Users that have the “change Physician” privilege, e.g. secretaries who work for the doctor, can still have access to his lab results, but they can't copy, change or delete the token. If known, the order number can also be entered, so that only one single order is displayed.

Clicking “OK” gives immediate access to the doctor's personnal MyResults Web page of the Laboratoires Réunis. It opens the standard Webbrowser at, logs the doctor in and displays the result history of his patients. If a patient is already loaded in GECAMed's Patient module, only the results for this particular patient are listed (the patient is matched using his matricule). If the order number has been entered, too, the corresponding test result is immediatly displayed in full.

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 547 fixed ⇒ Zu langer Leistungstext abgeschnitten in Abrechnung
  • 796 fixed ⇒ Suffix nicht erlaubt für Tarif K1
  • 870 fixed ⇒ “Kleine” Patientensuche startet erst beim 4. Buchstaben
  • 921 fixed ⇒ Bad spellinig of “Belgium” in Adersses (“Belguim”)
  • 929 fixed ⇒ Problems with CONTACT placeholders in letter templates
  • 935 fixed ⇒ Regeln für Leihtarife (1C??X)
  • 937 fixed ⇒ Einbindung eines “MedLogin” Aufrufes für die Laboratoires Réunies
  • 941 fixed ⇒ Schwierigkeiten die Anzahl zu ändern (z.B. bei K1, Kilometerpauschale)
  • 946 fixed ⇒ Copy-Paste Operation für Agenda-Einträge nicht mehr möglich seit 1.2
  • 947 fixed ⇒ Notification when Backup fails
  • 948 fixed ⇒ Fehler beim Löschen von Dosierungsvorlagen innerhalb der Verschreibungsvorlage
  • 950 fixed ⇒ Praxis-geschlossen Einträge werden durch F4 ausgeblendet
  • 953 fixed ⇒ Several inconsistencies with invoice payment
  • 958 fixed ⇒ Kleine Patientensuche ignoriert Suchtext des aufrufenden Dialoges
  • 960 fixed ⇒ Wrong prescriptions for patients with void social security numbers
  • 972 fixed ⇒ Doppelte Bestätigung beim Löschen von Kalendern mit bestehenden Einträgen
  • 973 fixed ⇒ Schaltfläche des selektierten Kalenders mit schwarzem Rahmen hervorheben
  • 977 fixed ⇒ Java Error beim Ändern eines Kalendereintrages
  • 984 fixed ⇒ Java client error when saving a bill
  • 1001 fixed ⇒ Missing database script in Updater causes Agendas to disappear
  • 1146 fixed ⇒ Interference with Agenda-Display in concurrent multi-user situation

Release 1.2.01

Public release date (1.2.01): 28/2/2012

Pre-release date (1.2): 21/12/2011

This is the 2nd thematic minor release focusing mainly on the Agenda and the Waiting Room, but improvements and bug fixes in other modules have also been done.

Improvements in the Agenda module

  • A new column-oriented drawing mode for agenda entries was added
  • You can quickly switch between the old and the new drawing mode
  • New Office Calendar for entering appointments for the hole office
  • Smother drag&drop for appointment entries
  • Additional patient information in the appointment entries
  • Logging of agenda modifications
  • Redesign of the right navigation bar
  • Redesign of the appointment creation dialog
  • Improvmet of the creation of recurrent appointments
  • New print function for future appointments for a patient and physician
  • New print function for printing the Appointment List View
  • Export of Calendars in ICS format

Improvements in the Waitingroom module

  • Waitingrooms can be arranged in any order
  • Configuration of the size of a waitingroom column
  • Better synchronisation between agenda and waitingroom
  • New function: Switching between a view of all waitingrooms, and the waitingrooms of the current physician
  • Redesign of the module header

Improvements in the Billing module

  • New option: group together all reminders of invoices belonging to the same person and physician into one reminder
  • Invoice View (Entry / Erfassung / Saise):
    • a dialog to define and add a hospitalisation period was added
    • a calculator for hospitalization periods has ben added
    • the billing rule checker has been adapted to the hospitalisation acts (FXX)
    • a new index column was added (1st column)
    • the amount of an act is now editable, if the users has the proper rights
    • the time column has a date chooser (the time can also be set by draging the mouse)

Fixing the Labo module

The Labo Module had some serious problems to connect to the HealthNet Server and download lab results. This is now fixed and the Labo module is now fully operational.

Ergonomic improvements

A autocompletion feature was added to text areas (at the moment available in S.O.A.P. and prescription). By using special autocompletion commands you can save marked portians of a text (Ctl-Alt-A) and reuse them later (Ctl-Space).

Introduction of Bean parameters in Printing Templates

This change is particularly important for support companies.

Beginning with Version 1.2.0 there will be an additional set of template parameters, the so called “bean parameters”. They allow more flexibility when it comes to modify and create printing templates. Those “bean parameters” are directly mapped to the basic data elements in GECAMed, from which new content can be built, independent from the old, pre-formatted template parameters. E.g., the printing of patient names can now be completely controlled in the template itself, while in earlier versions the names were pre-formatted and couldn't be customized. Moreover the GECAMed development Team guaranties the stability of the bean Parameters, i.e. their names and content will not vary between versions, which has actually happened with the old parameters.

See Druckvorlagen for the complete documentation of this new feature.

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 208 fixed ⇒ User level settings for appointment duration defaults
  • 330 fixed ⇒ add new 3day view / fixed columns
  • 414 fixed ⇒ Erratic loose of agenda color while manipulating agendas
  • 416 fixed ⇒ Improvement of the time adjusting for apointments
  • 417 fixed ⇒ Confusion with the cursor shapes used to manipulate RDVs
  • 418, 419,420, 459, 822 fixed ⇒ Synchronisation problems between Agenda and Waiting room
  • 434 fixed ⇒ Selection of medical acts to apply further operations
  • 464 fixed ⇒ Unübersichtliche Anordnung der Patienten-Einträge im Kalender
  • 536 fixed ⇒ Can't enter medical rate codes LH… manually
  • 565 fixed ⇒ Patient Order in Waitingroom
  • 566 fixed ⇒ Code tarif “Non conventioné” > als 4 char → Rechnung kann nicht gespeichert werden
  • 614, 635 fixed ⇒ Cannot print past or future agenda weeks
  • 682 fixed ⇒ Mehrfache Wiederverschreibungen nicht mehr möglich in Release 1.1.01
  • 642 fixed ⇒ Unregelmässige Formatierung der Measurment Einträge in der Historie
  • 649 fixed ⇒ Wartesaal nur für einen Arzt anzeigen
  • 704 fixed ⇒ Modèle de factures - Améliorations d'utilisation
  • 788 fixed ⇒ Warnung bei 2 x C38 innerhalb von 6 Monaten
  • 786 fixed ⇒ Dunklere Farbtöne für Rechnungszeilen zur besseren Unterscheidung
  • 704 fixed ⇒ Modèle fe factures - Améliorations d'utilisation
  • 751 fixed ⇒ Printout for Agenda doesn't work anymore
  • 785 fixed ⇒ Drittzahler bei Rechnung ändern bzw. entfernen? (Dokumentationshinweis)
  • 791 fixed ⇒ Rechnungsnummern ohne führende Nullen anzeigen & drucken
  • 808 fixed ⇒ Agenda printouts with characters that are too small
  • 824 fixed ⇒ SOAP History shows only one row
  • 838 fixed ⇒ Appointment options kept in memory and applied to next appointment
  • 839 fixed ⇒ End after [X] occurrences“ not taken into account
  • 847 fixed ⇒ Size slider in Agenda switches back to current period when in 5-day view
  • 852 fixed ⇒ Schlechtes Einrast-Verhalten beim Bewegen oder Resizen von Einträgen
  • 855 fixed ⇒ Vollansicht der Patientenhistorie zeigt nur jeweils eine Zeile für Konsultationseinträge
  • 861 fixed ⇒ Zufällige Wahl des Arztes bei Erstellung von Agenda-Einträgen
  • 862 fixed ⇒ Anstehende Termine nicht richtig angezeigt
  • 863 fixed ⇒ Dialog 'Wiederholungsoption' behält alte Werte zurück
  • 871 fixed ⇒ Probleme mit der Dauer eines Agenda-Eintrages
  • 874 fixed ⇒ Patientenname gelöscht nach Verlassen des Wiederholen-Dialoges
  • 886 fixed ⇒ GECAMed Clients blockieren häufig unter Win 7 und XP
  • 887 fixed ⇒ Trägheit und Sprünge beim Drag& Drop Verschieben von Agenda-Einträgen
  • 890 fixed ⇒ Ad-hoc Wartezimmer Eintrag nicht richtig eingeordnet
  • 891 fixed ⇒ Wöchentliche Wiederholung erzeugt keine zusätzlichen Termine und anderes
  • 892 fixed ⇒ Patient matricule and treatment type automatically shown in agenda entry
  • 894 fixed ⇒ Logging for Agenda modifications
  • 898 fixed ⇒ Anordnung der Wartesäle in beliebiger Reihenfolge
  • 899 fixed ⇒ Konfiguration der minimalen Breite einer Wartesaal Spalte
  • 903 fixed ⇒ Copy-paste Möglichkeit für Antezedenzen.
  • 904 fixed ⇒ Public holidays are not displayed over the whole daily column
  • 923 fixed ⇒ Overlapping Agenda entries
  • 932, 933 fixed ⇒ Error loading object from InputStream

Release 1.1.02

Pre-Release date: 24/11/2010
Officially announced:

This patch release fixes, among other things, database compatibility issues between older GECAMed versions and the newer versions, starting with 1.1.01. A problem has been found when doctors use the represcribe function a lot. In older versions this function is broken and leaves void incident records and also produces prescriptions that are no longer visible in newer versions. Also performances can go down dramatically when loading and saving patients. Release 1.1.01 can even block completely if there are too many void incident records in the database.

In this release we added a 'Cleanup/Restore' maintenance function to get rid of void data entries and to restore the visibility of possibly hidden prescriptions. The function has to be started manually from the GECAMed client by an administrator user, from the admin menu.

A dialog window will pop up which guides the user through the 3-step clean-up operation that may take some time to execute, and allows to control and monitor its progress.

A couple other minor bug fixes and improvements have also been included. See below for the complete list


  • New user setting “New prescription after saving / printing”: makes GECAMed create a new, empty prescription every time the current one is saved or printed (printing automatically saves). This mimics the standard behavior of the prescription editor in versions earlier than 1.1, as some users have grown acustomed to it.
  • Letter templates are backuped now.
  • Several improvements with accidents

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 211 fixed ⇒ Create nicer accident list dialog
  • 355 fixed ⇒ Add a setting to show/not show the accident number dialog when creating an invoice for a patient
  • 549 fixed ⇒ Undo Funktion für geänderten Verschreibungstex
  • 552 fixed ⇒ Verschreibungs-Vorlagenfenster verdeckt Verschreibungstext
  • 560 fixed ⇒ Arztwechsel im Verschreibungs-Dialogfenster ermöglichen
  • 562 fixed ⇒ Diskrepanz zwischen verschreibendem Arzt in DB und auf dem Verschreibungsausdruck
  • 563 fixed ⇒ Verwirrung bei der Gruppierung von einzelnen Verschreibungen
  • 597 fixed ⇒ Strangely behaving prescription entry - one of a kind!
  • 663 fixed ⇒ Accident entry can not be individually deleted from the history view
  • 665 fixed ⇒ Saving patient with only blanks in lastname is allowed
  • 666 fixed ⇒ It is possible to close a newly creaed patient without a “want to save” dialog
  • 667 fixed ⇒ Patient gets modified wenn opening a consultation with a child accident
  • 668 fixed ⇒ Editing accident should indicate modification in patient headline
  • 676 fixed ⇒ Posologie: “1x / jour” anstatt “1x / quotidien”
  • 678 fixed ⇒ Backup for Letter Templates
  • 680 fixed ⇒ Fehlende Telefonnummer auf Rechnung
  • 681 fixed ⇒ Arztname in die Rücksendeadresse von Rechnungen und Mahnungen mit übernehmen
  • 683 fixed ⇒ Copy-Paste Funktionen in Verschreibungen usw. defekt
  • 702 fixed ⇒ Holidays updates for the years 2011 - 2013.
  • 739 fixed ⇒ Behandelnder Arzt ändert sich nicht mehr automatisch

Release 1.1 / 1.1.01

Pre-Release date (as 1.1): 15.06.2010
Public Release date (1.1.01): 24.09.2010

This is the first of a series of important releases with focuses on ergonomics, GUI standardization and uniform data entry & retrieval behavior. The main topic of this release is the patient module, with its subsequent consultation, prescription and history views. The user ergonomics of this module has been seriously reviewed, resulting in, as we hope, a much better and more intuitive usage of the management of a patient's health record.
Because of the importance of the changes an earlier pre-release version, 1.1, has been installed in a few cabinets to provide early feedback.

Major changes since last version

  • Patient Module:
    • Improved saving and update behavior. Redesign of the patient overview screen.
    • Slightly better handling of allergies and antecedents (not perfect yet).
    • Multi-tabbed patient history, with 5 views: Full, Summary, Letters, Files, Prescriptions.
      More will be added in the future.
    • History search filters by content, date and type (needs still some improvement).
  • Prescription Module:
    • A prescription history has been added, with new functions:
      modify, delete, and re-prescribe.
    • Systematic color indication in the prescription's headline when unsaved changes are present.
    • Save dialogs when actions (e.g. close patient) could accidentally result in loss of unsaved prescriptions.
    • Improvement of the prescription template handling
    • Templates can now be made private to the current physician.
    • In medication prescriptions we now use name, package and dosis from the CeFIP list.
  • Consultation:
    • Improved modification and deletion handling of S. O. A. P entries, measuremetns and accidents.
    • The Accident management in general has been improved.
      See #613 for the new specification.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Beginning of standardisation of icons throughout the whole application.
    • Tons of bug fixes and minor improvements, see the full list for details.

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 163 fixed ⇒ Add Possibility to Delete consultations
  • 197 fixed ⇒ use selected template
  • 206 fixed ⇒ Enlarge message window for drug prescription templates with warning
  • 239 fixed ⇒ Prescription Templates linked to physician
  • 262 fixed ⇒ make the entry of allergies more intuitiv
  • 301 fixed ⇒ Prescription date appears in the accident filed in print out
  • 319 fixed ⇒ Antecedenz not saved if field is not exited with <RETURN> key
  • 320 fixed ⇒ Prescription not saved automatically
  • 341 fixed ⇒ Show the antecedents as a tooltip when clicking the title
  • 357 fixed ⇒ Check if Capitalize and UPPERCASE on name and adresses OK in printouts
  • 404 fixed ⇒ Can't enter anything in Consultation / Allergies
  • 429 fixed ⇒ Application logic for prescriptions
  • 443 fixed ⇒ Additional measurements in consultation view displayed without label
  • 456 fixed ⇒ Backup de la base de données sur Mac OS ne fonctionne pas
  • 466 fixed ⇒ List of luxemburgish doctors in vcard format
  • 467 fixed ⇒ ZIP Code des Patienten fehlt auf der Abrechnung
  • 484 fixed ⇒ Fehlende Dialog-Message beim Abspeichern einer Verschreibung
  • 488 fixed ⇒ Unfallnummer und -datum verschwunden nach Aktivierung
  • 489 fixed ⇒ Abspeichern einer neuen Verschreibung funkt. nicht während Konsultation
  • 490 fixed ⇒ Datenbank Fehler beim Abspeichern einer Wiederverschreibung
  • 491 fixed ⇒ Zustand nach Löschen einer Verschreibung
  • 492 fixed ⇒ Verwirrendes Verhalten der Cancel Funktion im Speicherdialog
  • 493 fixed ⇒ '+' Ikon eigentlich überflüssig in der Verschreibung
  • 494 fixed ⇒ Funktion “Represcribe” kopiert nicht aktuelle alte Daten mit
  • 495 fixed ⇒ Mehrere Unstimmigkeiten mit Unfallnummer (auch #529)
  • 496 fixed ⇒ Zusammenhang zwischen Konsultation und Patientendaten “Einzelteilen” unklar
  • 497 fixed ⇒ Seltsame Mengenbezeichnungen “½” und “¼” im Posologie-Fenster
  • 499 fixed ⇒ Kein Kontext-Menu bei einigen Patienten-Historie-Einträgen (siehe auch #500)
  • 500 fixed ⇒ Löschen & Editieren von S.O.A.P. Einträgen (siehe auch #499)
  • 504 fixed ⇒ Kein direktes Abspeichern nach Neuverschreibung möglich
  • 505 fixed ⇒ Scheinbar willkürliche Veränderungen beim Anklicken von Historie
  • 507 fixed ⇒ Patienten-Adressen absteigend nach Erstell-Datum sortieren
  • 508 fixed ⇒ CeFIP Liste: Benutzung von Name, Form und Dosis bei der Verschreibung Einträgen
  • 514 fixed ⇒ Neue Verschreibung unter der alter Konsultation abgelegt
  • 516 fixed ⇒ Erzeugen leerer Verschreibungen mit der Druck-Funktion
  • 517 fixed ⇒ Falsche Aktion im Verschreibungs-Speicher-Dialog beim Schliessen des Dialog-Fensters
  • 518 fixed ⇒ Patient modifiziert beim Laden, wenn in neuem Tab geöffnet
  • 519 fixed ⇒ Speicherverhalten der Verschreibungstemplates
  • 521 fixed ⇒ Unvollständige Anzeige der Verschreibungen im Verlaufsbereich
  • 522 fixed ⇒ Portrait Format für Patientenbilder
  • 525 fixed ⇒ Erzeugen eines leeren Verschreibungs-Templates
  • 527 fixed ⇒ Patientenänderung abgespeichert bei “Abbrechen” in Speicherdialog
  • 528 fixed ⇒ Verlust des Verschreibungs-Textes nach Cancel im Dialog-Fenster
  • 529 fixed ⇒ Unfall-Datenfelder beim Aufruf der Dialog-Verschreibung standartmässig aktiviert
  • 532 fixed ⇒ Abspeichern einer Verschreibung nach vorherigem Löschen unmöglich
  • 545 fixed ⇒ Arztauswahl mit Verschreibungs-Templates synchronisieren
  • 551 fixed ⇒ Farbliches Hervorheben der zu einer Konsultation gehörenden Verschreibungen
  • 595 fixed ⇒ Full contact list reload after single contact modification
  • 598 fixed ⇒ Add a function “Close all Consultation tabs”
  • 602 fixed ⇒ Patient/Arzt ändert automatisch
  • 613 fixed ⇒ Falsche Unfall-Datums-Anzeige im Dialog-Verschreibungs-Fenster
  • 624 fixed ⇒ Probleme mit History-Display von '<'-Zeichen in S.O.A.P. Einträgen

Release 1.0.21

Date: 29.03.2010

Bug fixes since last version

  • Mac OSX only: attachment of files to a patient's record works again
  • Mac OSX only: database backup script fixed and working now

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 457 fixed ⇒ Attach file function broken on Apple computers since release 1.0.20
  • 456 fixed ⇒ Backup de la base de données sur Mac OS ne fonctionne pas

Release 1.0.20

Date: 22.03.2010

Changes since last version

  • Fixed a major bug introduced in release 1.0.19 which prevented the billing rule engine to work properly.
  • Some minor bugfixes regarding strange behavior in the agenda and waitingroom modules.

New features

  • Direct access for scanner software in patient module (only on Windows and Linux platforms, and only for scanners with a TWAIN interface)
  • New message system: messages are now stored in GECAMed, so that users can read them later. In the previous version only messages between logged-in users could be exchanged.

Complete list of track tickets addressed in this release

  • 451 closed ⇒ Nomenclature: add code in the facturation like streptatest LH003
  • 423 fixed ⇒ Adress information not imported from vcf file
  • 421 fixed ⇒ Current doctor as default when assigning a patient to the waiting room
  • 386 fixed ⇒ Wrong dependency on ia32-libs for 32-bit linux hosts
  • 418 fixed ⇒ Waiting room showing bad entries
  • 415 fixed ⇒ Order results of agenda search by date
  • 453 closed ⇒ Consultation still taking 10 min even after changed in the preference
  • 387 closed ⇒ Linux package: JVM does not feature Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction
  • 400 closed ⇒ PrinterException: nicht genug Speicherplatz auf dem Datenträger
  • 410 fixed ⇒ Older agenda entries not visible
  • 388 fixed ⇒ JBOSS startup script may launch too soon on linux
  • 444 fixed ⇒ impossible to enter data in the agenda beyond april?
  • 433 Closed ⇒ Country code
  • 437 fixed ⇒ Contacts not saved if name too long
  • 424 fixed ⇒ Address update file not found

Release 1.0.19

Date: 18.12.2009

Changes since last version

  • added support for Vista/Windows 7 (32/64bit)
  • added support for Mac OS-X Snowleopard
  • updater for Mac OS-X


  • added billing codes for dentists


  • lots of bugfixes

Release 1.0.18

Date: 13.10.2009

Changes since last version

  • fixed some major issues in the waiting-room module.


  • updated billing rules


  • fixed resizing of waiting-room module.
  • moved adding and deleting of waiting-rooms to the admin-settings.
  • added description to waiting-rooms.

Release 1.0.17

Date: 08.10.2009

Changes since last version

lots of bugfixes



  • Improved usability of third party statements.
  • Rule Engine now properly handles equipment rental rates (X) and material rates (M). These rates should neither be subject to reduction nor majoration.
  • Application of rules no longer changes order of acts on invoice.
  • Fixed a printing issue causing multiple copies of documents to be printed only once.
  • Fixed an issue when accessing data from CEFIP Lists issued since August 2009. Changes in numeric format of prices caused the price to no longer be shown in CEFIP list.
  • 354 fixed ⇒ add a panel to save additional physicians to a patient
  • 353 fixed ⇒ set CNS as default Caisse
  • 340 fixed ⇒ add new marital state “cohabit”
  • 333 fixed ⇒ popup of locality is not hiding in some cases
  • 329 fixed ⇒ allergies do not appear in the letter
  • 327 fixed ⇒ find zip code if zip field is empty
  • 326 fixed ⇒ nachname feld nicht mehr deaktivieren wenn maenlich
  • 318 fixed ⇒ Shortened name of physician is printed

Release 1.0.16

Date: around 1.9.2009 (real date unknown)

See here fore the list of closed tickets:
Tickets of release 1.0.16

Release 1.0.15

Date: 03.06.2009

Changes since last version

general bugfixes


small enhancements


  • 314 Fixed ⇒ search log view with from-to dates
  • 313 Fixed ⇒ export log view as csv file
  • 312 Fixed ⇒ make nom de naissance filed mandantory to avoid empty patients
  • 311 Fixed ⇒ fix path of prescription template in the Database
  • 310 Fixed ⇒ add search by name to User and Physicianmanagement

Release 1.0.14

Date: 15.05.2009

Changes since last version

new linux (debian) installer easier-to-use windows installer


support for new CEFIP list


  • 307 Fixed ⇒ Import new cefip list
  • 306 Fixed ⇒ Sorting of IncidenEntrys by weight dow not function
  • 304 Fixed ⇒ add the accident icon to prescription history
  • 303 Fixed ⇒ Prescriptions might have no prescription dates an appear with a blank line in the history
  • 302 Fixed ⇒ Consultation - accident icon should be a button to open the accident number chooser
  • 300 Fixed ⇒ Patient file is not set to “modified” when just the age is entered for a new patient file
  • 299 Fixed ⇒ Saving new patient not possible when no day of birth is set
  • 298 Fixed ⇒ Nullpointer when patient age is smaller than 12 month
  • 297 Fixed ⇒ adding new prescription template is not visible in other template view
  • 293 Fixed ⇒ Agenda shows only monday - saturday, even if sunday is the last day in the week
  • 292 Fixed ⇒ add Placeholder for last consultation
  • 291 Fixed ⇒ Refreh the type box in the main view after a new type has been created
  • 286 Fixed ⇒ change the currency in the cefip view to €uro
  • 285 Fixed ⇒ Put a Demo DICOM-CD on the website
  • 284 Fixed ⇒ Change login Credentials when Password has been changed in the Client
  • 283 Fixed ⇒ Reset Password Dialog after choosing a to short PW
  • 282 Fixed ⇒ Put address of cefip company on the website
  • 279 Fixed ⇒ Agenda: Month is not shown in the column header in the week view
  • 278 Fixed ⇒ Placeholder for last consultation
  • 276 Fixed ⇒ Adding a couple of new placeholders…
  • 275 Fixed ⇒ Placeholders in Header/Footer section
  • 274 Fixed ⇒ More than 1 space between placeholders breaks replacing
  • 272 Fixed ⇒ add “Cefip” button to the template dialog
  • 271 Fixed ⇒ Change “delete template” icon to a different htan the close icon
  • 270 Fixed ⇒ make shortcut column in presc templates resizable
  • 269 Fixed ⇒ deleting unsaved presc templates does not work
  • 268 Fixed ⇒ link in Help→About to gecamed project site is broken
  • 266 Fixed ⇒ If Color of a physician is changed, it will not change the color of his Calendar

Release 1.0.13

Date: 02.03.2009

Changes since last version

Update of the key-value and the changes of the UCM codes applicable since 01/03/2009



Release 1.0.12

Date: 04.02.2009

Changes since last version



  • 254 Fixed ⇒ Age computation is imprecies

Releases 1.0.5 - 1.0.11 are internal maintenance releases.

Release 1.0.4

Date: 04.11.2008

Changes since last version



  • 253 Fixed ⇒ Show info popup when importing of template failed
  • 252 Fixed ⇒ reload user list in physician admin tab when a new user has been added
  • 251 Fixed ⇒ add printing of contacts from the address book to give the contact (hospital, pharmacie) to the patient
  • 248 Fixed ⇒ Modifying Important Data Fields And Save
  • 243 Fixed ⇒ Ticket URL from bug tracking system is not valid.
  • 242 Fixed ⇒ Possibility to assign hot keys to physician chooser
  • 240 Fixed ⇒ Timeruler non-intuitive
  • 236 Fixed ⇒ SSec Field does not commit the value if it does not loose the focus before saving the patient

Release 1.0.3

Date: 22.10.2008

Changes since last version



  • 234 Fixed ⇒ wrong invoice state after payment
  • 230 Fixed ⇒ Sort Patients in the Patient List by Lastname, Firstname
  • 226 Fixed ⇒ add “Biology” prescription type
  • 223 Fixed ⇒ edting old prescriptions will not load the content in the editor
  • 222 Fixed ⇒ Edit saved prescription is missing the save button
  • 221 Fixed ⇒ close open patient files will not remove them from the slot panel
  • 220 Fixed ⇒ a new patient is alway “modified” even if nothing has changed
  • 218 Worksforme ⇒ Copy appointment description in waitingroom comment
  • 217 Fixed ⇒ Show maiden name in appointment
  • 216 Fixed ⇒ Change message when invoice is saved
  • 210 Fixed ⇒ Remove obsolete “delete marked” prescription templates
  • 191 Fixed ⇒ NullPointer when “Ajouter Tarif” is clicked without an selection

Release 1.0.2

Date: 15.10.2008

Changes since last version



  • 207 Fixed ⇒ sort the prescription template alphabetically
  • 205 Fixed ⇒ use more than one drug template.
  • 203 Fixed ⇒ convert city name in address to upperCase
  • 201 Fixed ⇒ date in the waiting room is dispayed in am/pm. fix this to 24h
  • 199 Fixed ⇒ select prescribed ordonnance with right click
  • 198 Fixed ⇒ Reduce the line offset between drugs in the prescription print out
  • 196 Fixed ⇒ Remove “RP” string from orddonance template
  • 194 Fixed ⇒ show the appointment description in the body of the FrameArea
  • 193 Fixed ⇒ Put patient name in agenda appointment instead of the time periode
  • 190 Fixed ⇒ GECAMedEntityBean implements Comparable
  • 188 Fixed ⇒ Show only the roles and rigths from the activated modules
  • 187 Fixed ⇒ Translate user permissions and groups
  • 186 Fixed ⇒ Remove Hospitalisation Panel from the settings
  • 175 worksforme ⇒ progress dialog while importing zip codes not shown on windows

Release 1.0.1

Date: 03.10.2008

Changes since last version


  • Uninstaller added to the installer
  • Installer will now create a start menu entry


  • 185 Fixed: Client will not start, after LaboModul and LetterModule were enabled.
  • 184 Fixed: Open addressbook when a template contains CONTACT placeholders
  • 182 Fixed: Default calendar does not have appointment types
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