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 ====== GECAMed Update Info ====== ====== GECAMed Update Info ======
-  * **18.02.2016 GECAMed 2.05.01** has been released publically. ​+  * **11.12.2017 GECAMed 2.07.04** has been released publically. ​
-If you are still running a GECAMed Version **older than 2.05.00**, it is important that you **upgrade GECAMed ​before ​the end of February 2016!** +It is important that you upgrade GECAMed ​**before ​January 15, 2018**
-Versions ​of GECAMed ​prior to 2.05.00 will run into problems with Java Webstart, as their Java Code Signing Certificate **expires on 28/2/2016.** +The digital certificate ​of the old versions will expire on January 15th and starting Gecamed via "web start" will no longer be possible using a version ​prior to 2.07.04.
 You can find your current GECAMed version in the Help->​About Menu. You can find your current GECAMed version in the Help->​About Menu.
-As GECAMed ​2.05.00 and later uses a new Code Signing Certificate,​ you need to upgrade ​your Java Version ​to the latest Java 8+Our GECAMed ​hotline is at your disposal ​to provide you with additional information and schedule ​the installation of the update if necessary.\\ 
 +Phone: (00352) 26 25 80 61\\ 
 **Please Visit http://​ for further information** **Please Visit http://​ for further information**
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